What’s your top question on outsourcing?

I absolutely love outsourcing and automation!

and I think you could benefit too.

As you may not know, I am very skilled in the Delegation arts, however it needs to get done best I do it.

You know the UBB?  outsourced

THe UBB wizard?   completely outsourced

The Frank Kern Prank video?  outsourced (beyond the napkin phase)

Intellinar?  outsourced, so much I even took a month off while they built it.

My team runs the gamut, fulltime,  part time, temps sometimes only doing a few minutes.  The live everywhere, in my same town,  in the US and all over the world.

I have over $50K of my own money in outsourcing in the last 2 years.  Plus way more in working with clients in my development agency. I couldn’t have done any of it without my crack team of contractors. Many who work for $3.75/hr and do work that here in Los Angeles would run $60-$100/hr!.  My full time team is 7, scales to dozens ..quickly and cheaply.. as needed.

What’s more is across hundreds of projects, many clients and .   I have a near 100% perfect  rating on Scriptlance, Elance and Odesk.   Meaning I get it and I’m good at it, and I want to share with you some of the secrets how.

I’ve also had some wonderful failures I’d love to help you avoid.  Which is exactly how I developed the RAPID model to help you

The RAPID Results Framework
The RAPID framwork cycle, Research, Administration, Promotion, Infrastructure, Development

I really want you to get outsourcing (and automation) to work for your business, it’s the only way you can compete.

I also want you to get the answers to outsourcing without spending $2k on training. wouldn’t you rather have that working for you generating profit?

So what’s your top question on outsourcing?

Comment below and  I’ll answer it in video over the upcoming weeks on exactly how I and my team do it.

9 thoughts on “What’s your top question on outsourcing?”

  1. Hey Troy

    Great post. Now i would like you to reveal all your secret’s to outsourcing. Where is the best place to get workers? What should i look for in a possible worker? How hard is it to train them? Where and how do you find qualified people to do each task without having to train them?

    I want to know all your secrets. I have been following all your posts and you are pretty damn cool and you always cut to the chase without all the bullshit that many others bring to this great big stage called the internet.



    1. Hey Mark!

      Wow thanks for the compliment and the great questions list, I’ve added it to my big list o questions to answer and will I’m going to start at the top and then work my way down.


  2. Hey Troy,

    First, please send clickable links in your emails. I don’t think anyone wants to copy and paste when a simple click will do. And I’m quite sure it drastically reduces your traffic…

    As far as my outsourcing question, it’s this: When are you releasing the course/manual? Sooner is better than later! (<; Because you're right, this stuff isn't rocket science, so a $2 grand course is waaay over the top. Surely, one could get a whole lot of work done – over 5 months worth, in fact – for such an investment. So, I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to offer. I imagine you'll cover what to outsource, as well as how to scale things up by starting small. So, I guess I'm hoping you'll do a massive brain dump while laying everything out in a logical, incremental manner.

    Be well,


    1. Hey Russ,

      Sorry about the links, normally Aweber takes care of that for me. I’m not sure what happened!

      I have the course in production right now. But really I want to make sure it’s congruent with what you need as originally the core audience was for software development, so need to make sure that it’s approachable.

      If anything if it can teach software development it can be used for anything, as that’s way harder than the majority of the marketing side of things. Plus if you get it right you can automate much, so one person can do more with less grunt work.

      I’ll be getting some stuff up by the end of this week.

      Thanks Russ,


  3. Hi Troy,

    It’s great to be posting to someone I have actually had dinner with 🙂
    [I’m the chap from the UK, and we met at the recent Magic Bullet Seminar in SD]

    Anyway, here are my questions…

    1. What are the typical jobs people tend to outsource?
    2. What are the technical skills most IMers tend to struggle with?
    3. When looking for an outsourcer, and not having the technical skills personally, what is the best way to find the right person to do the job.
    4. What’s the best “hosted-project platform” (or cloud platform) to use to manage your projects.
    5. Where is the best place to find outsourcers.

    Well, I guess 5 will do!

    I look forwards to seeing your answers.


    PS. I agree $2k is far too much for an outsourcing course. Better spend on hiring people to actually work for you.
    P.P.S: I hope you will have a community site for those who buy your course to mastermind, because that’s what really helps people make progress. I can help you to run it – if need be.
    P.P.P.S: Let me know if I can help you in anyway..review the course, etc

    1. Hi Yanney!

      How nice to hear from you. Of course I remember you 🙂
      I got your questions and have added them to the list, I’m working on a novel approach of training using interactive mindmaps and video, have to do a bit of code tweaking to get it done. Also the wordpress plugin we are using to host the video has some issues we are fixing.

      I’m not sold on the community for this phase of training. People can always form ning communities I just don’t know that I want to moderate it, or put artificial directions on where the community might take it.


  4. Hi,

    just came from your comment on AffiliateRadio.com, as I´m interested in getting more free time while getting my work done 😉

    My question would be, how you are hiring? A kind of job description would be nice. Mine is pretty tuff, as I have had some work done by freelance before and hated sorting out automated replies like “Sir, we could do this for you sir” when I actually figured out that they didn´t read anything 😉

    Also I´d like to know if you are hiring individuals or outsource firms and if you have setted up an office for them or let them work from home.

    Last question: Micromanaging or not 😉

    Btw: I think nobody would blame you when you would use aff-links. Odesk is paying 50US$ per confirmed cc. That´s some nice pocket money.

    And last question: Could you offer some sign up for your feed via mail? I´m living in China and haven´t used my feedreader for ages, as e.g. feedburner is blocked 😉 Ok, could use the google tool, but that sucks IMHO.

    Have a great weekend,

    1. Hi Sven!

      I’ll be using some sample job templates in the modules, as well as how to find good job description templates on areas you don’t know anything about.

      I haven’t had a huge problem with automated replies, but I do get them, they are almost always auto deleted, sometimes I say explicitly in the job description “to be considered, include ONLY 3 of your top 3 sites” if they can’t read the job description than they really aren’t likely to listen during the job.

      I have individuals and firms, but my approach to firms is a bit different, as the firms are small and I have them hire/train for me.

      Micromanage, only in times when I’m having problems. I hire people that leave me time to get increasing freedom, not someone I have to babysit.

      I do (as a programmer too) occasionally delve in and somewhat micromanage the code, partly because it’s my product in the end and it has to be maintainable by whoever works on it, and often people reinvent the wheel or use ineffincent approaches, which I’m fortunate enough to be skilled to point them better ways.

      I’ll add a email subscription to my task list, totally feel your pain!! I will likely be doing the training on a separate site, to sandbox it, so that like what happened to Keith today, doesn’t happen to me.


  5. Hi Troy,

    thanks for your reply! Appreciate it! Have already forgotten your site 😉 I really need some external support.

    Yes, just read Keiths update email. That sucks! Hope he will be back again. That would be a great loss…


    Ps: Maybe I´ll give the google feed reader another try 😉 Just changing all my e-malis to gmail, so it wouldn´t be that much pain to use it and I wouldn´t miss your posts, haha.

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