How to get your video on your website or blog, using Amazon S3 in under 5 minutes..with free tools.

You want video on your site, and are confused by all the options, jargon, technical issues and shady expensive stuff.    I feel your pain, I get a LOT of questions about video from my clients with the same questions and confusion…especially when they are getting charged for things that are free.   So I created this short video to clear things up.

Video can be easy, 5-10 minutes is all it takes, and in this video I’ll show you how to take a video on your desktop and get it onto your S3/Cloudfront and then into your website or blog in under 5 minutes.

Here’s what you need to get started

  • A website or blog (duh!)
  • A video you want to get up…(make it good else noone will watch it)
  • To be signed up with Amazon S3 and CloudFront (the latter is especially important for video..both free signup)
  • A tool for uploading to S3 (e.g. S3Fox, CloudBerry (windows only))
  • About 10 minutes

Note: this video was uploaded in the exact same way as shown in the video. One thing we didn’t cover in this is how to get that pretty image at the very beginning, that’s covered in part 2.

NOTE: if this is your first video, and you play the video from a media player somewhere else, you’ll need to upload a crossdomain.xml file, you’ll only have to do that one time per ‘bucket’ (where you can have more than one bucket per your amazon account, for different companies). The one I use is here (but becareful, this is “wide open” access).

There’s lots more to know about doing high quality video that streams nicely and cheaply.  Be sure to opt-in on the right to get notified on new episodes.

Oh and Mr. Pine says hi.

9 thoughts on “How to get your video on your website or blog, using Amazon S3 in under 5 minutes..with free tools.”

    1. Hi Fabien I’d like to help, what part sounds difficult?

      I can make the html code easy to cut and paste, or even a small wizard that you paste the video values. The hard part (really only a couple of copy and paste) is getting the right values into the javascript.

      but I need to know more what you need, are you comfortable with getting your video on S3/Cloudfront on your own? or do you find that part difficult as well?


  1. Hi,

    Have you used Easy Video Player? They use the flow player free version and add a program around it to make the s3 simple and produce a opt in form or buy button at the end of the video. Or a redirect.

    Is there a way I can do this with flow-player and not have to buy the easy video player?

    And would you recommend that easy player anyways compared to flow player?

    Thanks =)


    1. Hi Jeff.

      I do have easy video player, but primarily for competition research, as I have a competing product to Easy Video Player already in development.

      Depends on what aspect you need. As the article shows much of the tools are free. like FlowPlayer,. getting files onto S3/Cloudfront with S3Fox and Cloudfront only take a few minutes.

      The post video optin can be done a number of ways but requires a slight bit of coding which is possible off elance/scriptlance. etc.

      The analytic can be done with google analytics, split testing with website optimizer etc and just events for whatever they click on (e.g. optins, orders) if you have unique tracking.

      The service I’m working on will let you put the opt-in/order in anyplace, not just the end.



  2. Hi Troy
    thanks for your video. I want to use amazon s3 on my blog so I have been watching you tube videos about this, but they all stop when it comes to embedding it on a site- they talk about using the url.
    1. Do I need the flow player to show it on my site?
    And if so you went rather fast what do I cut and paste into the java script/ or was it the html code?

    Thank you

  3. Troy,

    You said above that you are working on a service that will let you put the opt-in/order in anyplace, not just the end.

    How soon as that is exactly what I am looking for now.


    1. Hi Malcom

      I haven’t released it. As I and my team got pulled onto some secret projects for some well known IM gurus and had to stop the DIY admin script for people who don’t know html/javascript.

      Send me a email (troy a troy notes dot com) to discuss your needs and I’ll see if we can make the script work for you.


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