The UBB Ultimate Belcher Button Wizard

Want UBB’s on your site in seconds? then this wizard is for you, and there is now there is NO opt-in required and NO charge.

I can’t believe we are giving away this power without charging for it.  Given the amount that Perry spent on split testing and how much I’ve spent on development this may probably the most expensive web button ever created.   Put it to good use and make sure you put into YOUR pocket every penny we’ve put into it.

The unsolicited feedback from the 100’s of people in the last few days since quietly releasing this has been great.  Even  the guru’s love it (I’m not at liberty to say which)

“Awesome – numerous people including many certified PLM (product launch managers)

Amazing – numerous people.

This wizard is for the Ultimate Belcher Button 3.0, if you have them there is nothing wrong with the UBB 1.0 or UBB 2.0 though I strongly encourage you to use the latest.

While I can’t promise it will work miracles it can at least make your life easier setting it up than whipping out photoshop every time.



The Belcher Button is meant to be used with a xx-large Tahoma read header above it  (just like that “super important note)  this has been split tested to be an important part of the UBB. Use it!      It serves the important role of WHAT is being gotten, before getting into HOW MUCH, and HOW can I pay for it.

We didn’t include it in the UBB because it’s important for even when the flash isn’t enabled to be there and that can’t be done with just an image.  It’s easy to do in html with the following code and keeps the file size down as we don’t have to embed Tahoma into it.

Just copy and paste it above the div where you paste the output from the UBB Wizard the following:

<span style="font-family: Tahoma; color: rgb(204, 0, 0); font-size: xx-large;">“The Belcher  Button”</span>

UBB Wizard Tour (10 minutes)

This video covers feature by feature all that the wizard has and you can play with, it’s highly recommended if you want to get the most out of the UBB.

[flash w=700 h=500]

Below is the UBB Wizard, it may look like a picture but anything in the boxes or even the priceline you can just fully edit. Then copy the embed code into your html page, every change is reflected in real time.

The EZ UBB Wizard ..create UBB’s in seconds

Also if you want to here about updates and the many other cool tools we are making to make your life easier and sales better, you should opt-in here:



So many features, so many options packed into a tiny button .

  • Copy and Paste embed code ease of use!

    • We host option gets buttons delivered fast using Amazons Content Delivery Network.
    • no files to install in basic usage.
    • works with iPad/iPhones, falls back to image + text headline when flash isn’t available.
  • Way more control over appearance

    • fully customizable price text
    • fully configurable strikeout
    • fully configurable dashed border
    • configurable trim (so you can play with Belcher vs Johnson effects)
    • New two states for those long loading order pages (e.g. paypal)
  • improved gleam effect and rollover appearance vs UBB 1.0 and 2.0
  • Easier integration with your order pages

    • just put the url
    • EZ MULTIPLE OFFERS PER PAGE (e.g. gold and silver and platinum options membership)
    • PayPal Support
      • new frame
    • Google Checkout Support
      • new frame
  • New sound options

    • selectable themes (more coming)
    • Ability to provide custom sounds,
    • Ability to have a rollover instruction (need to supply your own mp3)
  • Still support full javascript api.
  • Fall back image for people without flash.  (standard compliant SWFObject for flash embedding)
  • Exit popup suppression on Firefox + Chrome (IE not working sadly)
  • Still small, 38kb + whatever you need for sounds (bigger but not huge)

If you have exit popups on your windows on the page exit in the HTML page. The UBB button is supposed to insert the code that blocks the popup windows on the exit. It works in Firefox and Chrome. But in the IE the popup window still appears, although the JavaScript inserted from the UBB is supposed to suppress any popups on exit.


If you have a question please comment below and I’ll try to get to it promptly, but understand this resource is given away at no charge so please be considerate.

How do I center this?
Add a align=”center” to the div. e.g.<div id=”altcontent1″ align=”center”> …rest of the ubb code you copy and pasted above < /div>

Notice the code above centers the example UBB, feel free to view source to see exactly what it does.

Does this work with an iPhone or iPad or other mobile without Flash installed?

Yes it does, when Flash isn’t an option there is a png version that shows up automatically. Headline you put in the red will show up as it’s html.
However there are some limits, the PNG does not include your price line or rollover effects so if you really want these take a screen capture of the flash one, save it as a PNG, upload it to your server and replace the link in the javascript embed code to the one you created.  A basic web designer can do this for $10 or so on scriptlance.
This is accomplished with a javascript library (SWFObject) that does detection of the environment

How do I get a copy of the files (.swf) to host on my own site?

Download a copy of the zip here,

Please do not link directly to that zip, also the wizard itself is only available on this page right now.

Can I change the” Regular $xx Today $xx” with something like “Subscribe $9.97 – 30 Days Free”

Yes that priceline is completely customizeable, just drag to select all, hit delete on your keyboard to clear it out and then replace it with whatever you want.

How do I setup a strike price?
To setup a strike price you should
1) in the UBB itself type in all the priceline you want  e.g. “Price $57 Today $17”
2) select the enter part you want to be striked out e.g. $57, that should show up in white text with a black background.
3) click the strikeout button, you should see a line through the $57

How do I get a paypal link into the button?
Inside Paypal, when getting the code you paste into your page, you have two options, you need to get the email link It should look something like this (replace 123ABCDEFGHIJ with the one Paypal gets you)

Paste that into the Click URL box :

If you need help see this warriorforum post on paypal hyperlink

How do I do more than one option per page?

There is UBB ID, each button on the page needs to have it’s own id. so

Setup your first button, copy and paste it into your form, test that it works correctly.

Go back to the wizard, probably clear settings

Change the UBB ID to 2 (or whatever the next unused value is), fill out the options for that button, copy and paste that into your web page.  Test both buttons.

If you need to see an example, take a look at this page which has 2 UBB’s on it.
1 common header script for SWFObject, then two divs, one for each button.

Do I need to replace the UBB 1.0 and 2.0?
Not at all. They are different creatures. The UBB 1.0 was designed to be small, The UBB 3.0 was designed to be flexibly powerful, so it’s almost double the size (But still on par with banner ads, which if your using our CDN should load quickly)

What does the actual code look like in the HTML?
here’s an example of a single belcher button nothing else.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">

<html xmlns="" lang="en" xml:lang="en">

		<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />

		<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

  <div id='altcontent1'><center><a href=''><img src='' alt='9' width='470' height='245' border='0' /></a></center></div>

<script type='text/javascript'>
var flashvars = {priceText: 'Regular%20Price%20%2457%20Today%20%2417', paypal: 'paypal', soundPath: 'null', ubbID: '1', url: 'https%3A//', urlTarget: '_self', strikeBegin: '14', strikeEnd: '17', message: 'Loading%20the%20secure%20page%0DPlease%20wait...', dashLength: '15', spaceLength: '15', thickness: '3', trimScale: '1', frameColor: '13369344' }; var params =  {}; params.allowscriptaccess = 'always'; = false; var attributes = { }; swfobject.embedSWF('', 'altcontent1', '470', '245', '9.0.0', '', flashvars, params, attributes); </script> 


How do I use this with Rapid Action Profits?

This tip from Larry Keenan (thanks!)

It will work in RAP as is.

Click Url will be

Put <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’swfobject.js’></script>
as the first line of order_button.html
and paste the rest directly below it.

Edit I tried it out – Used the wizard and made my base url

If you visit yhe above link, You will have to wait to near the end of the video to see the order button as it’s a timed display.
Have a Great Day!

Larry Keenan.


How do I use this with…

There are a billion scripts out there so in order to save time.

The UBB default behaves just like a hyperlink.   So get whatever you’re working on working with a conventioanl html hyperlink first before using the UBB Wizard.

A Hyperlink looks like this:

e.g. <a href=”“>click me</a>,

To get that working contact whatever support on what needs to be done, OR  hire someone off scriptlance OR  try different things do it yourself till it is.    This last only takes a few seconds with a blog,  create a new page/post, paste the code, publish it, edit it until it works.  Then delete the post if you don’t need it anymore.  Feel free to play…. you aren’t going to break the web 🙂

Then once that’s working then you copy whatever is in that hyperlink into the UBB click URL,

If what you are doing can’t be done via a hyperlink, then use the javascript hooks to do whatever you need, form submission etc.

If it doesn’t then let me know what’s going wrong.

What’s the catch, Is this really free?

Yes, at least this version is for now, though I reserve the right to change that back.

There is multiple reasons I’m doing this:

I could easily continue requiring opt-ins, but with the shift to the CDN that’s less enforceable. It’s like why bother?

Perry didn’t charge for it, trying to keep in the same spirit.

Challenged by Eben Pagan, I’m testing the ‘free-line’ theory (aka Give Em Cake) , in regards to the quality of the optin and volume of traffic.   Of course my hope is that if you like what we have that you will opt-in so we can give you updates on the stuff you like plus more cool stuff, but really if you can’t see the value in what we are dishing out then you’ll be happier someplace else, and we certainly don’t need you.

Practically, there is a certain strength in numbers, if enough people use the UBB on our CDN, all the edge locations keep the UBB fresh and we all win faster loading for our users.   To be sure costs me money but the bandwidth charges since the UBB is so small at the moment it’s negligible in comparison to hosting video.

I built the UBB for my own sales pages and the wizard for the Intellinar service as well as my staff to use when creating my sites. Basically I’m already getting my money out of it, but it doesn’t hurt to have this part independent and exposed.    Given there are 100+ thousand niches, obviously everybody can have a separate copy of the button and not have an hugely unfair advantage.

It’s a button! not a cure for cancer.   As well as the original belcher button has  done for Perry, your results will likely vary, considerably, I make no claims.    To be honest, this is a brand new creature, hybridizing the belcher button, grapham button and amazon buttons with quite a bit of flexibility.    So tweak tweak tweak,  test, test test!.

A button is only a tiny part of the whole sales incentive, if you have a offer which turns people into rich, famous and sexy by pressing a single button, that could look like a pile of dog poop with flying flies and people would still click on it like crazy, they could get electical shocks and they’d still fight over who clicks it first.     Conversely if you have something that chopped off their nose, it could look like solid diamond on the hand of your favorite celebrity nude, and nobody would click on it..

How do I create my own custom sounds?

If you want to submit it to the community put them in a folder like this

They MUST be mp3’s and they must be named that for the button to load them and sound much be turned on in the wizrd.

When creating your mp3, ensure that the frequency rate is a multiple of 11,025. Flash is known to have “issues” (may sound distorted, like chipmonks or like a monster) when the MP3 uses a frequency that is NOT a multiple of 11,025 kbps.

– 11,025 kbps
– 22,050 kbps
– 44,100 kbps

– 8 kbps
– 16 kbps
– 22 kbps
– 48 kbps


use it!  comment on what else you want in UBB 4.0 ! Shout out!

61 thoughts on “The UBB Ultimate Belcher Button Wizard”

  1. Hi Troy – I think this button is great!! A great contribution to the community!

    I received notification the button was available, and tried it out on my site a few minutes later. A question though… I chose the option to host it on Amazon, but the dashed coupon line isn’t showing up, and neither is the price text. You can see an example of what I mean here… Thoughts?

    1. Glad you like it!

      On that page I only see the fallback image, the swf isn’t showing up at all.

      I see that you have swfobject there which is good.

      And you have the alternate div but I’m not seeing the rest of the embed code from the wizard.

      I just see this:

      take a look at this example (view source) to see what it should look like

  2. Thanks – I must not have copied all the html from the wizard box… One other question – if I did want to host this on my site, where can I find the swf files? Thanks again!!

  3. Troy,
    This is an awesome script you’ve developed – congrats! And thanks for moving the free line, too.
    You mentioned it being a combination of both Johnson and Belcher buttons. I wonder if you’d consider also adding the option to switch the wizard from “combo” mode to only Johnson mode?
    I’m talking about wizarding ONLY the button, including button text, for such applications as optin forms and such. Possibly include the option for the J-box around the button, too.
    To me, that would make this a much more useful & valuable tool by expanding its possible uses by 50% or more for the average marketer.
    And oh, by the way, I’d be very interested in buying a script or standalone desktop app that did all this stuff. Particularly if it could make custom buttons that would work in Aweber or other email systems in addition to all the payment button options it offers. Am I just fantasizing?…
    Hope not,

    1. Hey Russ!

      I misspoke it’s actually a combo of the Graham (aka Conversion Doctor), Belcher (which uses a Johnson box) and Amazon.

      I’m with you, we will continue to improv the button:

      – so you can replace ALL the text in the UBB (which is somewhat tricky with the tweening),
      We TOTALLY agree it will be more useful to the average marketer then, but that’s a much different product.
      – change button styles (I’m collecting my favorite)
      – preconfigured for common purposes (there are only so many things people put on buttons so I’m collecting them)

      But this was overdue a month (it was supposed to be a happy 2010 present to my subscribers) so wanted to get it out so people could use it, and get feedback on what they wanted next. It was actually quite the adventure getting it to this point,.

      If you have a particular button and a particular style of the Johnson box you’d like us to get in point me to it. We’ll get it in.

      It’s not hard to make a desktop app that does all this, I plan on doing that once we figure out the sound recording issues. This button supports a rollover area with instruction, so for example if you were Frank Kern you might say “press the order button already!” when they roll over it. What’s a reasonable price for a utility that did that plus all the other features?

      I’ll investigate aweber, the key issue there is that it would only work with html email and I’d have to do some research on what happens. Outputting images that probably aren’t interactive would work there for sure, less sure about interactive and flash elements.

  4. I have done everything as instructed but for some reason the images are showing up it only shows the outline of a box with the number 9 and a small x icon. Any suggestions?

  5. Troy, what can I say. What you and your great team have done is amazing. Thanks for all your time in making this happen.


  6. Thanks! I had your original, although with my limited techincal knowledge I couldnt figure out how to get it to work! You generously offered to have your support team help me out, which is fantastic, seeing as it was free! I got backed up and didnt get a chance … and then I see this in my inbox!!

    All I can say is thank you! My sites are going to look much better, currently all I have is a basic link.

    Thanks again, appreciate it!

    1. You’re very welcome Ashley! Thanks for your patience in us getting this out, I hope it was worth the wait! ( I believe it is!)

  7. OK, this may be a dumb question, but how do I center the flash? The button looks centered in DreamWeaver (It’s in a 1×1 cell and it’s centered) but the flash button is left-justified and I can’t seem to get it centered. Even if I set it to be right-justified, it’s still left-justified. Thanks.

  8. Thanks Troy – great looking button.

    Just wondering, and I may of missed it but can you just have the button without the pricing headline and the credit card images. I would love to use just the button – is that possible?



    1. Unfortunately that’s not presently possible Steve, to be a true belcher button all the elements are important (and each has been split tested 10K times) but certainly I’ll add it to the wishlist.

  9. Thanks Troy. I already have the other elements installed but I don’t have the border which turns from red to green. That is neat and I would love to install it on my site. Also I don’t accept all the cards listed in the UBB – I only accept MC and Visa.


    1. Hey Steve,

      As a interm hack, You could probably just get two screenshots of the up and over states and toggle them with javascript. It just wouldn’t have the liquid rollover of this one.

      FYI The next version will have selectable payment options (eCheck etc)


  10. Excellent Resource, thanks so much for sharing..Question…

    Is it possible to add an image to the background of the button, above the pricing? For example , if you were selling DVD’s..a photo of the DVD package within the red check box right above the Prices? It would expand the box to fit the image but the image would have to be inserted into its own cell?

    Just asking..thanks


    1. Hi Barry.

      Right now, no, what you see is what we got 🙂 but I’m open to adding that feature. I think you said you want the graphic inside the dashed area, just centered above the priceline?

      If you have a thumbnail, shoot it to me troy at troynotes dot com and I’ll use that for my team to implement. Not sure when that will be as they are focusing on stuff we aren’t giving away. If you are opted in you’ll get notified of course.

      The complication is that in flash there are security restrictions to loading images from anyplace so this would likely only work if you hosted the button yourself and then only in flash until we made some utility to create a image out of it.


  11. Hi Troy,

    I just tried the UBB for the first time. The PayPal email link with “&hosted_button_id” is fetching the plain image and putting it directly ABOVE the UBB.

    So I have two buttons, one just the plain image, and directly below it the UBB image with all the trappings.

    Have you had this issue before and is there any way around it?


    1. Paul, did you get this figured out? it’s been a few weeks and I know we had some dialog over email.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      The way cool opt-in I’ve noticed actually hasn’t really gotten that many more optins than the previous one, But I don’t have a ton of traffic to do a real split test. One person told me they mistook it for a banner ad.

      The UBB button at present isn’t meant for optins, as the fixed “add to cart” doesn’t make sense. In that sense it’s not a belcher button as it’s never been tested in that purpose. But it can be used with optin forms via the javascript hooks.

      In a future version we may release Opty (that rich optin form I use) and there is plans to make the UBB have adjustable text so you can make it suitable for optins and other non-cart stuff, as well as other buttons. But my team is currently busy on other bigger projects.

  12. Hey Troy,

    First, I think this button is very cool. However, I have a couple technical issues with it. Firstly, I like to have my payment link open a new window. With the old belcher button, it was a simple target=”_blank” in the href.

    The flash code works fine for a new window, BUT firefox blocks the _blank window as a pop-up. IE seems to accept it ok, but the _blank tab doesn’t take focus in the window.

    I realize these are flash related issues…but is there a way to get IE and Firefox to perceive the _blank window as a simple href target=”_blank” instead of as a flash banner pop-up?

    Also… the exit pop suppression code appears to be suppressing my exit pop-up 100% of the time in firefox, even if I’m not clicking on the button. Any thoughts on that? (IE seems to work correctly…)


    1. Hi Cameron.

      Thanks for bringing up the issues.

      You can try use the UBB’s javascript API if you want to fire off your own link or manage you own suppression. That call the UBB generates is covered on this page on the UBB 1.0 installation most people just need a url so I don’t cover the js side in the above video. But technically that would still be a popup and it would probably still get hit by the popup blocker.I honestly don’t know the answer as I don’t use popups in my pages (PPC google hates them)

      I’ll add the issues you point out to the list of things to checkout when we do a future enhancements, but right now there are no immediate plans for that. Given this is a free resource and I can’t help with the particulars of the javascript that would work best for you. You might try putting a request on 🙁

  13. Hey – great resource – thank you! When I center the button as described: of the UBB, it strips the flash & dashed red border from the entire button. Any recommendations or fixes? Thanks!

    1. Hi AC,

      Sorry for the delay, been away.

      Sounds like that one or other of the html tag is broken or missing. You might try running the page through an html validator.
      This page uses a centered UBB and the dashed line still works, try looking at that page for inspiration.

  14. This thing is killer, but I can’t figure out how to get it to work with a drop-down Paypal form.

    I’m selling t-shirts and have different sizes for people to select from, but there isn’t really a click-through link as far as I can tell because of the different options.

    Is there any way to get the button to work with this kind of form?



  15. Troy, awesome button. Is there anyway to integrate this with Idevaffiliate PHP? The idea would be for affiliates to get their commission when they send people to this page.

    There are 2 PHP lines that need to be added to PayPal code but obviously, doesnt look like that would work here…

    1. Hi Onoura, somehow I didn’t see this comment. I don’t understand the question. What does the PHP have to do with the paypal code? if you generate the link for paypal with PHP then you need to generate the javascript/flash embed with php. This is very easy for a entry level PHP person to do and should cost you maybe $10 on scriptlance.

  16. I’m having the same problem as AAE (who’s question didn’t get a reply),

    Regardless of all “text-align:centre;” tags in CSS div’s, spans and ‘s, it always left-justifies. Any ideas? I’m not having CSS trouble with any other element of my page…

    1. In the FAQ section there is this

      Add a align=”center” to the div. e.g.

      …rest of the ubb

      Did you try that?

      Also AAE I worked with directly over email to solve his problem, and the FAQ does have a question on centering it (I don’t answer things in the FAQ), I have moved that to the top to make it more visible.

  17. Yeah, I did… I figured it out though. WordPress (well, TinyMCE) was deleting the tag repeatedly. Hacked around it with some funky, hackish CSS-fu. Thanks for your help!

    1. Yeah I hate it when that happens, I use something other than TinyMCE on sites where I need less mangling

  18. Great button, love it, easy to use. But I have the same problem that I cannot get it to center. On the wordpress visual tab I can center it with the image editor and it looks centered, but shows up without the red lines around it. When I update, the red lines show up on my site, but it is left aligned. I turned off TinyMCE, that was not it. I inserted align=”center” in the code, did not help. So I am clearly missing something here.

    I would really appreciate some precise code to help me center the button. Blarg mentioned he “hacked around”, but I am not so good at hacking.

    thank you

    1. The precise command to center is what you’ve already been given, and in this case it’s the right way to do it. Something in your blog page/post+theme is causing it to not work as it works on other sites.

      The cause is likely that your post has something broken in it that is causing the centering to not work, possibly from a previous save/attempt to fix when TinyMCE is still on. I’d suggest using code validator but that is probably too techy.

      One way to check is try pasting the center code + embed code on a *new* *blank* page/page in your blog see if it still happens. If so then it might be something with your theme. You could then merge that new blog post with the desired copy you were trying to create earlier.

      Lastly try hiring someone off of to fix the issue, should cost you $10. e.g.

      JOB TITLE: fix alignment on html page
      I need a flash order button centered on this blog page to look like (screenshot with a line in it).
      Currently it is not centering properly, despite using the recommended

  19. G’day Troy,

    Really impressed with the result of your button wizard. Thanks again for sharing!

    Ran into an issue when testing it that took me some time to figure out was only when previewing the button so I thought I would pass it on to save someone else some trouble.

    I use a text editor to create the html pages for most of my sites. If I click on the preview button in the text editor the current page opens up in my default browser, in my case, FireFox. When I do this the UBB button does not display the prices I enter in the wizard and it is not clickable on my page. The PayPal\Google border around the credit card images displays flashing incessantly, even if I deselect them in the wizard. 🙁

    Thanks again.

    Tom Grimshaw

    1. Thanks Tom.

      I don’t seem to have issues but most of my pages are just copy and paste

      most probably the issue is one of two things might be happening.

      1) your preview is missing files (e.g. relative path)

      OR More likely

      2) that the flash is hitting security sandboxes running locally when it it’s trying to talk to the net, thus the script faills and the internal animation flicks around as it needs the script to do the interactivity and clicking. If the zip version of the files is used and those run locally you shouldn’t hit that error.

  20. Thank you Troy for doing this. I don’t care much for flash, but at least I can get the size box/button I want.
    How do I get a JPEG of the button? I need about a 360 width size. I tried shrinking a larger one with, but it got fuzzy.
    Also, I had the same problem as Tim on January 31. Namely, a box with the number 9 and an image holder placement. I was trying to host myself, using PayPal.
    Can I send you the URL to check out? If so, send through your contact page?

    1. Hi Charles

      To get a JPG of it, create the button you want using the wizard, then use some form of screen capture (in windows it’s the “prt-sc” button) just the button and paste it into a image editor and save it out as a jpg.

      You can also use a tool like Jing ( which makes this selection easy.

      Unfortunately I don’t have time to offer for support on this, it’s a free button and it works for others. If you need help installing it, hire a web developer on should set you back $10-$15, and they could also do that Jpeg capture for you.

  21. Hey Charles,

    I’d be happy to create a jpg for you for $10 USD. If you want just email the URL or the code that the wizard above outputs to bugsbane !a!t. gmail !d!o!t! com and I’ll send you a 360px jpg straight back. Heck, I’ll even throw in a free revision if the size isn’t quite right, or you’ve got a typo.

  22. Hi Troy, thanks for this excellent button.

    I was wondering if there is a way to change the words add to cart to something else.


    1. Hey David, Unfortunately not in this version, the animated transition on the rollover makes that difficult.

  23. Hi Troy

    Great button!

    I’m in the UK and selling in UK pounds not dollars.
    Can’t seem to change the dollar sign to the sterling pounds sign for the price

    Is there a way to do that?


    1. Unfortunately not through this wizard, the button doesn’t have the font symbol embedded so it can’t use it.

      I do have a zip with the UK symbol, but you need to know how to edit the html the wizard generates with the symbol. I can email you it if you would like.

  24. Troy,
    Great button. I was using the Markerts Choice “Add To Cart” button. One sale a month if I was lucky. I have been using the Belcher for only 30 days now, and 10+ Sales. WOW. (I sell big ticket training classes.)
    Thanks for sharing this with the world, Rick

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