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Use 4 key learning styles in writing news to get your message across to 100 percent of people

If you want to reach 100% of your audience in a reviewer style content you can still use the 4 different learning styles, just in a different order.

I was recently asked how to create content based on the 4 different learning styles but for celebrity news, by a user who just didn’t know how to apply the rules

The basics are the same, the order is different as the news reader intent is different.  You are writing looking backward “What just happened and what does it mean” vs looking forward “why and how to do something” when educating.

In particular for news I’d model the Associated Press they are everywhere, and for celebrity news I’d mirror Yahoo OMG

they roughly switch to the order of the 4 different learning styles to:

  1. What
  2. How
  3. Why
  4. What If (optional for objective reporting, great for controversial)

Let’s take a look at this news article

  1. What: Teri Hatcher sued by former business associate  (Headline)
  2. How Months after former “Desperate Housewives” co-star Nicollette Sheridan sued ABC Studios and creator Marc Cherry for assault and discrimination, now co-star Teri Hatcher, ABC and the Walt Disney Co. have been targeted by a woman who helped run Hatcher’s production company and claims that she was pushed aside and denied a promised 50% cut of revenue from the venture. Jennifer Glassman, an industry marketing vet who has worked for the Paradigm talent agency, New Line Cinema and her own branding/PR shingle, alleges in the lawsuit that she went into business with Hatcher in 2006 to run her shingle, ISBE Prods., in exchange for 50% of the profits generated. But after pouring her heart into the venture, Hatcher and ABC have worked to “intentionally exclude and eliminate (her) from the picture in terms of revenue sharing just prior to the successful launch of a prominent website supported by Disney,” according to the lawsuit.The nine-count complaint for unspecified damages was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.
  3. Why Glassman says she played a big role at Hatcher’s ABC-based company, selling projects like “Burned Toast” to Lifetime and two scripts, “Fried” and “Mercury Rising,” to ABC. Disney also recently launched a Hatcher-branded site called through its website. During the run-up to the launch of the site, Glassman says Hatcher abruptly soured on her and sent a mass email in February alerting business contacts that Glassman was no longer working with her. Disney-owned Touchstone TV then allegedly followed up and terminated her.Glassman “never knew or had reason to know that (Hatcher and Disney) were concealing the fact that they intended to try and treat (Glassman’s) business and employment relationship with them as an ‘at will employee’ relationship, and ultimately ‘terminate’ her without cause while trying to eliminate (Glassman) from the picture, business-wise,” the complaint states.”This lawsuit is based upon ridiculous fabrications and is completely without merit,” Hatcher’s rep countered. “It is unfortunate that the many opportunities Ms. Hatcher afforded the former employee are now being so implausibly twisted and contorted. The suit will be vigorously defended by the Walt Disney Co. and by Ms. Hatcher’s attorneys, who also intend to file substantial counterclaims against the former employee for her reckless and premeditated misconduct on her departure.”Glassman attaches to her complaint emails from Hatcher promising partnership, although there is no formal agreement alleged. The only employment contract alleged is a 2007 form deal that Glassman calls a “mere formality” because it doesn’t include terms of employment, compensation, job duties or title. She has sued for breach of an implied-in-fact contract.

    She also claims she handled duties above and beyond the usual, including running errands and handling Hatcher’s “mood swings and unusual requests.”

  4. What If (insert your own controversial conjecture,) what if Hatcher was bipolar or an pregnant? sound off in the comments!

How to breadcrumb navigation with WordPress +Thesis Quickie

Renaming this series, if you can get it done in 5 minutes or less it’s a quickie.
Ever seen those links at the top of sites like:?

Home > Products > Hardware > Hammers


The Apple Store uses it...
The Apple Store uses it...






it's good enough for Richard Branson...
it's good enough for Billionaire Richard Branson...

Then you’ve seen what is called Breadcrumb Navigation (wiki).  It’s good for users, good for SEO and good for you and quick to get on your site. So why don’t you have it?

Bread Crumb navigation (sometimes wrongly called cooke crumb)  greatly reduces confusion in deeply nested pages or categories, both for end-users and search engine bots, and if you’ve got WordPress and Thesis it can be yours in less than 5 minutes. (you can probably do it without Thesis in the same time, you just have to be geekier)

How To add bread crumbs navigation in 10 steps.

  1. make sure you have WordPress and Thesis 1.5 or higher installed.
  2. make sure you have the plugins Thesis OpenHook and Breadcrumb-navxt installed.
  3. create a few pages, in the right side of each page, choose from the attributes panel what parent page you want, this will form the heirarchy for the trail.
  4. In the WordPress Admin section open  Appearance Panel>Thesis OpenHook.
  5. Take a look at this visual guide to which slot you want to place the bread crumb. I recommend the After Title hook, find the matching slot in ThesisOpenHook’s dropdown.
  6. Paste the code in the installation section here

    Using OpenHook to place Breadcrumb-navxt into the Thesis 1.6 hook
    Using OpenHook to place Breadcrumb-navxt into the Thesis After Title hook
  7. Checkmark “Execute Php on this Hook”
  8. Click the blue “Little Ass Save Button” below it.
  9. Preview the site, you should see it below the Title.
  10. Think about ways to clean up the hierarchy or style it better with CSS+graphics (which is how we got the breadcrumb above).

UPDATE The excellent developer of that breadcrumb plugin sent me to these pages, which cover how to do it (with graphics).  I turns out that the original of this style of graphics was

There are several tweaks that have to happen to get the rich graphics and CSS to work with Thesis, which is what shows up above.   Once we figure out some compatibility issues with Thesis 1.6, I’ll look into making it available.

Ask me your questions on web video and you will recieve…

Quality Answers and Utilities at no to low cost, to make your life you can focus on what counts making content and making sales.

Listen I know you’ve got questions on video on the web,  I know a lot and I want to answer them -I’ve already started as you can see in the previous few posts.

I’m doing this because I’m pissed off.  I’ve been astounded by how much bullshit there is when it comes to getting your videos on your website, and how complicated many make it.  And I want you to succeed and for that to happen, you can’t afford to spend weeks or months getting your sites up…as has happened to several of my friends and masterminders.

I know there is a lot of pieces ( video, video players, video conversion, video hosting, etc), but it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive as others might have you believe.

I really want to get you guys focused on what matters…getting your content up on the web and making conversions rather than spending time on video nuts and bolts.

So here’s the deal.  Post a comment and ask any question on web video and I’ll answer it for you free.  My goal is to create a solid set of tutorials on this site to not only answer your question but also get those outsourcers you use up to speed.  At my consulting business I  routinely charge clients $200/hr for these type answers!

In addition I have a whole dev team who loves nothing more to build solutions to make your life easier, and help me in my own business which is much like yours.

So what do you really want to know about web video?