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GuruCard: Chris Carpenter of Google Cash, and Google Cash Detective Fame

Fast facts:chris_carpenter_surfing_google_cash_detective

Name:  Chris Carpenter

Age: Unknown

Started In Internet Marketing: 2002

Time to make it: 6-8 months

Time spent a week on work: couple hours*

Worth: unknown.

20-50K a month with Direct Linking aka Google Cash.

Location: Pacific Coast South Mexico

Dogs or Cats: 2 Dogs

Fun Facts

  • Avid surfer and boarder.
  • Has invented a sport of using jetskii’s to get more surfs in a day.
  • Heli-snowboards in Alaska with video cam on his helmet.
  • Has a house by the beach in southern Mexico with a built in yoga retreat and private surf spot.
  • Spent $350K of his own money building Google Cash Detective (see the No Bullsh!t Review)



  • AdWords + PPC with Affiliate Networks, in some cases with no landing pages (aka Direct Linking and Google Cash )
  • Product Research on Affiliate and CPA Networks
  • Review Site Outsourcing
  • Advanced PPC Bidding Strategy

Team size

~28 for his work, + 5 or so house hold helpers

Guru Friends

Note: this site is not endorsed by Chris Carpenter

* this denotes data based off sales video, actual mileage may very.

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