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List Control Launch- Observations

So if you’re like me you’ve probably getting bombarded by everybody, their brother, their dog with ticks and fleas all promoting List Control.  There is not a single link in this as I’m not selling it.  Just wanted to point out my observations.

First this Launch has had some of the largest bonuses I’ve ever seen some claiming to be  3x-10x the value of the product.  Probably because list building in and of itself is not rocket can be summarized by Frank in a single sentence:

Find what makes people happy, give it to them, and then sell them things that make them happier.

There are other list productions and email, to get to that point of being worth $2K means a lot has to be added on.

Ulterior motives central.


Four Day Cash Machine: while a solid tactic, note just how many guru’s promoting actually ran the offer recently?   This was part of Mass Control 2.0, in the ning forum a few people tried it, some had decent luck others got nasty grams from their list.  It really depends on how much rapport you have with your list, and how often you are communicating with them. If you talk like Frank then using his swipe copy is great, but if you don’t you may come across like somebody you’re not.  However it is a good tactic to have what I call portable products, that can be repurposed for different things. A stand alone product, a bundle with other things, a bribe in the future.

The CoreInfluence presentation,  which I found a -lifechanging- if  long-winded egocentric presentation, was originally to be shipped on DVD, but due to ‘production issues’, they just put it online, which is where the proving ground for the good karma machine giveaway in video 3 and the 476 double optins a day they cited as proof in the video.

I actually prefer online certainly don’t need another DVD copy (I have two already) but makes me wonder were there really production issues or was this desire to use the plugin and get the proof WAS the production issue? I don’t really care either way, just looking for truth in advertising.

While the plugin is a good strategy (a viral friend inviter, Frank private labelled).  How replicateable is that if the proof was gotten in this launch?  Launches are a form of inspiring temporary insanity (which is kinda what Launches/Mass Control are all about), much of the momentum for anything is riding on that.   When Elvis leaves the building can anybody just take the mic and stage lights to put on the same show?

The surprise bonus is  3 live days of training in San Diego, which will be filmed. I have been to Frank’s events before and they are fun, though Mass Control 2.0 was a pitch fest, getting people in the limited seats, makes those products prevalidated. You can hear the dialog in a quarter from now “these information was a sold out event, exclusive to people who spent $2K” so

It will force Frank to create 3 new products in the process, he gains the energy from the crowd so will do a better job, the DVD’s/videos will hopefully carry that energy.

Kajabi and the rise of the ASP.

The whole launch is running on Kajabi.  So again this launch (which say 500×2000 = $1Million EASY likely 3x that) . will be used, it wouldn’t surprise me if they have $50-$100Million in launches under Kajabi’s belt before they launch it..whenever that happens.  This isn’t a bad thing, but does make me wonder what’s beyond that.

Kajabi appears to be another step in the ‘growing up’ of the internet marketing community. The rise of the ASP (application Service providers).  In the tech space (where I come from) melting a server is likely to cost you and your team your job.  Here in the IM community though it’s viewed as a trophy of sorts as most don’t have enough traffic to even harm a host shared with 1000’s of others. So to the degree that Kajabi takes away that more power to them, and the better it is for this industry.

Kajabi has some interesting choices, I can’t tell if it’s good or bad.  They disallow people to put url’s in the comments field.  But given it’s a group of people that are all excited, all want attention, all are marketers, people just put the links in plain text instead.  Second where there are complaints or questions people reply to each other (even though there’s no notification). I understand that Kajabi is trying to keep the conversation on the topic of the lauch, but can’t help but wonder if they are missing the elements.  Slashdot and Digg have had this problem for years, in many ways getting on either of those sites is like a launch in the IM community, instant attention.  How they deal with trolls, questions etc via votes seems a less authorarian way to do it.

Magic Bullet System and Google Conversion Optimizer are also similar.

One of Frank’s core strategies

Do the opposite/unexpected, in the last video they changed from darks on whites, to lights on dark.

I’ve been thinking alot about Proof and Reputation lately.  I’ve noticed studying launch after launch that as

One of the facts that they pointed out was Frank made like $8-9Million last year. Mostly off of Internet Marketing related how to products, services (e.g. Mass Control Monthly at $10K/mo), consulting ($100K up front, 15% of results…on a launch like Magic Bullet this was a very nice chuck

Here’s another factor I use in my buying decisions.

Have I fully finished and gotten a return the products I already own.

Will the strategy work in my niche, e.g. Frank is celebrity based selling, might not work if you have a “I’ve got water, and they are thirsty” type product.

Is the information available in other places..odds are yes.

Will I absolutely have to have this information in the next month (when the training happens)

Will it likely be rereleased 6-12 months from now (e.g. List Control 2.0), might it be a better product then?

Could I use that $2K to generate higher ROI by using it on 1) more traffic, 2) creating products  3) hiring staff  ($2K is about 5 months of a high end Phillipino assistant, or 2.5 if you have 2-3).

Have Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins been replaced by puppet imposters? Krank and Jandy?!?

See..Jim Henson was totally right, puppets aren’t just for kids.

I got a kick out of this parody of Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins. If you know them it will make you smile with the accuracy. Clearly an inside job… Got the blond hair, inside phrases and everything.

And it was done by an least partly. It’s Mike Koenigs’s team who is also based in San Diego.

Xraying this, I want you to take away from this video other than it’s funny. Funny is serious business.

1) Look and copy at the format in your own videos: Opening Branding animated element, clearly visible and readable logo in the top form a subtle call to action to click over to the site and find out more. Engaging content that is likely to be passed around. This *IS* an ad, but this is all under the radar because it’s been wrapped up in entainment.

To be honest, puppetry is probably much easier to shoot than live video outdoors and requires no makeup. You don’t have to look good on camera and you don’t even have to wear clothes. You can use any puppets you like.

2) Video quality and video scripting counts. Entertain + Inform and that takes having people who live and breathe this stuff. If you don’t do it, get someone who can. You don’t have to have fulltime people you should start thinking how to outsource this work on an as needed basis.

3) production values in the IM space are rapidly starting to approach that of TV. Just think 5 years go, video was nowhere, now it’s replaced most serious sales letters. At home hardly anybody watches normal TV on old “Tube” sets, I know because when I walk around my neighborhood in LA I see these old TV’s sitting on the curb right next to the flat screen box ready to be garbage collected. I hope your sales pages are in there too.

4) production needs teams of people, like that video was brought to you by Mike Koenigs’s “new” company which has at least 7 people to do the writing shooting, creative etc. How many people do you have in your team?

P.s. If you like adult puppets check out the ADULT improv + telepuppetry called Puppet Up. Puppets + Alcohol + No Holds Barred

P.P.S. If you like puppets you might also like a cartoon of Frank my team created. with Kung FU Surfing Action

Amish and Jay Styles Magic Bullet Seminar Review

I got asked today by Christian (aka PPCNinja) about what I thought of the Magic Bullet Conference in San Diego this last weekend.

It’s been so busy this week that I haven’t really had time to think about it.  This video (shown in the opening part) does convey the feel of it. Well polished, with So Cal hip hop flare.

Overview of the Magic Bullet Seminar San Deigo

It was my first major affiliate conference so had nothing to compare it to.

These sorts of events have a lot of elements to it.  The content presented, the world class speakers with their various niches, the various gurus who show up to see them. The people of like minds who have spent $2k to use the software, live and breathe this stuff,

Personally It was a very worthwhile event.  I enjoyed most all of it, except got about 13 hours of sleep over the days, and had to use an alarm clock, not used to that…  but totally worth it

There could have been no talks and it still would have been worthwhile. I met SOO many people which I doubt I could ever meet on the web.  The material I learned gave a good balance of stuff I can use right now and more importantly where some of the brightest minds see the industry -and us with it- are going.

The Magic Bullet Seminar Speakers and Material

The seminar covered the arc of from the very basics, to stuff so advanced you needed an NDA to hear about it.  There were no punches really held back on some black hat sort of material that become necessary evils in parts of the game to succeed.

Mindset Matters

They started with a heaping of mindset, which bordered on new agey at times..clearly the Mind Movies are working.  I found this interesting becuase it was not money focused, and also because for the  creative and techy types I normally hang with,  there is an intrinsic force mindset is almost never the issue.   Quite the opposite, creative types, have no problem with drive it’s the pragmatics of doing the work which isn’t creative and fun.

Part of the intial arguments was just being “present” moment by moment.  Here I also had a disconnect. I’m rarely present. I’d rather be thinking of where I’m going next, the possibilities, and my goals. Especially when I’m driving for 3hours stuck in traffic with 3 hours of sleep.

Here’s a good story and a snapshot into my life.

The Magic Bullet Seminar started on a Friday early, and went late Saturday (Party!).  I live in Los Angeles and had planned on getting down to San Diego the night before as the hostel I stay at was a block away from the Hard Rock cafe.  I like hostels as they are cheap, and I meet interesting people there. I don’t really understand spending $200/night at these sorts of events, if you’re not planning on being in the room at all.

Late night and bad morning

Anyway, I have been trying to start up 2 new businesses in the last couple weeks, one the Local Business on Web, and I had promised a demo video and proposition to my first prospect.  The video was well done given I started on it finished it in about 3 hours all the way from script,. slides, image research and voice over.  I got done with that about 2am.

My other business is focused on amazon affiliate stuff and I have been in an excellent course from by SEO “free traffic” Keith Baxter who is one of my most favorite gurus.  He was gave a presentation at the Magic Bullet seminar and gave a preview that afternoon on “stealth traffic system” or “self contained traffic system”  finally understanding the power of his approach involving WordPress MU, I had a hard time not imagining the possibilities.  I gave him some notes on his preview and he really seemed to like the changes I suggested.

3 hours came quickly.   My roommate as cool and as absolutely brilliant as he is,  is also crazy (as in institutionalized 2 times), and as I was trying to get out the door, asked if he could use my video camera and lighting gear..perfect timing. Grrr.

Getting to my car I find a parking ticket and then my car wouldn’t start initially and I was near out of gas.

I finally get on the road and about midway through Orange County I hit the sea of red lights of morning rush hour.

Amazingly none of that registered on my radar!

precisely as I wasn’t present.  I was buoyed by the  excited about the Seminar and meeting some people live I have grown to like, the mental freedom from completed many major milestones with a free slate the next few days and the euphoria of learning a powerful traffic source that I could use in any of my businesses. There was a whirlwind of what I wanted, being replayed over an over again blinding me.

During the open mic, they got a question about this from a guy who has the goal of making 50K a month and can’t really stay present.

I understood completely, and I gave him my approach,

A head full of info so much that you can’t decide isn’t always a bad thing.

I can’t tell you how many times that i’ve done something counter intuitive only to get there and find what something I wasn’t intending to do but needed to do in the first place

so often I trust my intuition.

In the end as long as you are moving forward to your goals, at a reasonable rate, then you win sooner or later!

I think of it like so, if you’re willing to sacrifice a few months or years to get freedom for the rest of your life, it’s okay if you don’t fully remember every waking moment of every day.

Affiliate Mindset

basically the first part was put by Amish eloquently:  “Live it,  breath it, see it, smell it, taste it, shit it“, to be get ahead of the average you have to be obsessed about this stuff.

They also pointed out that the best things happen offline. So get off your ass and go to live events. Networking and in particular the Media Buying is largely a negotiation game.  The sales staff wants money, if they don’t know you they’ll charge you sucker tax/retail. If they like you the will charge wholesale…or even give you free.

I admit that negotiation isn’t what I consider fun.  I was raised in a small family where bickering and bartering wasn’t a part of the culture.  As an engineer I don’t think that way as  Engineering frequently involves hard costs and hard constraints (e.g. budget bridges don’t stand up long) isn’t negotiable.

Business Mindset

Business Mindset was next,  primarily setting Smart goals

  • S = specific (e.g. having a campaign of $25/day each week, test 3 new offers each day, setup one campaign  on TrafficVance and Yahoo every day)
  • M = measurable
  • A = achievable  (obviously if your not signed up for TrafficVance that’s not possible)
  • R = realistic (no pink unicorns)
  • T = time for completion (e.g. when will you be done)

Here again I found myself disagreeing.  Realistic? Fuck that. You need to have compelling goals to get you past all the shit that life can and will throw in your way.  Entrepreneurs in particular have to deal with moving mountains and occasionally having them fall on top on you.   It’s only after the price for freedom has been paid that a second life begins, one of immense possibility.

I’ve often remarked that being in business feels alot like a video game.  Just when I think I’ve won the level, I was tired at step 8 of 10, and wasted at step 9, and I make it to step 10, some other big boss comes up on the horizon and I have to dig in even deeper to go to step 11. It’s only because I know that a few years in this game can fundamentally reshape every aspect of my life.  Realistically what other options do you have to make such massive passive income and time, location freedom as net connected jobs?

Frank Kern – “Bad Muthafucker ” but retiring from IM.

This was a fun presentation.  Frank could easily be a cult leader or a televangelist.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see him on TV in the near future, if I actually owned a TV.

He said he was given the options of talking on 1) weed ‘n bitches 2) fancy cars 3) launches, but instead he decided to come clean and kinda say good bye to the IM world.

Some of his advice

“Thou Shalt Not Fuck Around”

“Don’t be  Pussy”  – e.g. if Adwords bans you get another account.

Setup your life so that you must succeed…if you fail you’re fucked.  Which is exactly what happened to Frank quitting his credit card business, and when moving to La Jolla,  having a $30K/mo morgage payment!

That was just part one of day 1 and my hands are getting tired so I’m going to wrap it up for now with a post I created earlier.

To summarize the affiliate side there was TONS of useful information. Lots of stuff I haven’t been exposed to, e.g. main stream double dipping, different pages for google bot and users. Going anonymous.

Matt’s Hayward and Matt Hill’s  presentations were worth the price of admission.  They are actually closer to the wavelength I operate on.

Networking Galore.

I feel like I’m name dropping, but really it was a small event 500 people of high quality people (think they had to spend $2K at the minimum to get in)

Many of the gurus live in San Diego and Jay and Amish are well connected to them. It started over bagels at breakfast on Friday and then went to the day after the late night party on Saturday night. It’s hard to throw a stick and NOT hit somebody important.

Here’s a list of some of the people I got to talk with.

Hosts: Amish and Jay again (I originally met them at Jeff Johnson’s mastermind).

Frank Kern – this was quite fun.  I was trying to get Amish and Jay to play a funny cartoon of Frank Surfing , but failed.

Jason Moffatt – he was only there to see Frank as far as I know. We’re talking about getting him a surfing animation for himself.

Trey Smith (totally wanted to hear about the  latest pranks planned…especially on John Reese)

Andy Jenkins (I got in on Video Boss and ran into him in the hall to tell him about some of the results I’ve gotten with Video Boss) and then later impromptu speaking lessons for talking to fast.

Keith Baxter – he’s one of my favorite “Gurus”, and first time meeting him live. I got a total kick out of him almost copying verbatim the suggestions I made on his presentation, and him even thanking me.  I still can’t believe he used some of the gags I put in, intending to be goofy e.g. “the only thing I’ll be pitching here is baseballs”..  I’m actually working right now on getting his MU network in place, creating some blog builder tools to automate the process, of keyword ->silo-> blog network .very very excited.

Now I’m seeing if he wants to try out some of the landing page experiments.   Like my belcher button with roll over and sound effects.

Some of the the Mind Movies crew,

Matt Trainer – he and I have similar backgrounds, and connected about me possibly helping him get his “Oh Shit” project scalable on the web.

John Jonas. – he and I disagree on several areas in outsourcing (I run a team of 7 for years and have had poor luck with my philopino fulltimers) but he gave a very rallying presentation and more people need to know about the option, outsourcing is key to my success.   From talking to him now, I at least know more about why we disagree, and it could be that out of the 9 million philipinos, the 4 that I’ve hired and the 3 that I’ve fired  doing my damndest just were bad apples.  What’s odd is that I have so much outsourcing experience and such good rapport and productivity with my other teams I have had a hard time understanding what went wrong.

Jonathan Van Clute – he and I met over a year ago at Perry and Ryan’s conference. He’s a fun techy, even if he overcomplicates tracking pixels 🙂  Sitting next to Jon,  at the hard rock party, I ended up meeting Ricky the CTO of keyword country and ended up geeking out about high end web scalability.  Not often I run into software architects.

Eric (E2) on the MBS, very smart kid! and what an amazing position he is in to be have so much at so young, I really am looking forward to getting his presentation on video as he went so fast I couldn’t keep up with my meticulous notetaking, and also seeing what he does.

Also what impressed me is he actually sought me out after the event, gave me personal email to apology from the Magic Bullet crew about the multiple Andy Jenkins interruptions when I asked that question during the speaker Q+A.  I got a similar sentiment from Matt Trainer. While ‘inconsiderate” I didn’t realize people felt so strongly about it.

Royce – the guy running the cameras crew.  Been looking ahead at putting together an event in the next year, and turns out he’s in LA not far from me.  FYI his crew created that cool opening MTV’esque video of Jay and Amish.  I would have sworn that Frank’s video guy did it.

One of  3 or 10 or so affilates on CJ and Yahoo(?).  I didn’t get his name as we were both  pretty buzzed   Thankfully I wasn’t so buzzed that when he left and I discovered his iphone on the bench I was able to run after him (through the crowd, jumping over security lines which got me scolded by security) and get it back to him, as I never got his full name so wouldn’t be able to find him and without his phone he might be hard to call.

Plus about a dozen other  from all over the world. 2 From London, one from Germany. Australia, several in the US.

I have several of these people email addresses, I wonder if that would have happened if I hadn’t gone.

What’s possibly even  amazing is I’m pretty introverted I rarely talk to anybody but close friends. I really had to go out of my comfort zone to talk so much.  But isn’t that always where success lives? outside the comfort zone?

My Prank of Frank Kern and Surfing Kern with Kung Fu Surfing Action

Well attempted prank.

Frank has pulled some classic pranks over the years, like convincing John Reese that black helicopters were stalking him,  This epic prank on John Reese was caught on video tape at Frank’s “insane” cousin Trey Smith’s blog. It’s hella funny and the production value is staggering for IM.

Since pranks can be fun, if this is the culture, I figured, Why not do something similar to him?

The idea came  to me when at my first internet marketing conference the Mass Control 2.0 seminar in April. I was so clueless about what to talk about.  IPranks abounded, especially on unexpecting speakers, who while watching their slides had “cock” flash on them, frequently causing them to break into laughter.

Seemed fun and easy to pull off.  I have had several years in improv comedy brightening all sorts of audiences lives with no real preparation.  But way more can be done with preparation.  I have friends in video and animation, and games there are tons of options with them in the mix.   It’s quite fun hobby, thinking up evuhl schemes to delight and entertain especially by someone who least expects it.

My first idea was a video that demonstrates Frank’s legendary surfing ability.   He has claimed to be the 11th worst surfer in Southern california, this up from 9th worst 2 years ago.  I storyboarded it and got a favor from my  brilliant animator Ramior Olmos friend and very talented Music designer Ralph Carter get it their time between major gigs, to get a more affordable rate. You can watch the awesome results here (provided you’re not on an ipad that is)

[flash w=550]

I’ve had a few questions if people can get their own like this, and they answer is, yes, maybe, depends.

The bigger goal was to get that as the preloader to some videos made by friends or a video game that let people surf as Frank.  With the goal of working on the inside, and to get it showed when he was presenting.   I did my best over the year worked inward to the cool people that could make this happen, and this funny animation helped open doors.   But I ran out of time, and it might not have worked out that well.  He’s such a BadAss  that and he doesn’t use slides or notes,…. ever.

On Saturday at the Magic Bullet Seminar was probably my last chance . Frank made an awesome  no holds barred presentation where he used the word “Bad Muthafucker” within the first 30 second, and other colorful words as liberally as table salt.

He said there was no reason to hold back. He’s burning bridges as he is retiring from the IM community for good.  That he has a schedule already of only 3 more live appearances, and that the torch would be passed to someone else. *insert drum roll* you’re guess is as good as mine as to who that will be.

His sights are on new ideas for the offline local business world, probably TV, and to break past the $5 million year cap that all internet marketers apparently seem to hit.

I had my doubts (and still do) but talking to his cousin Trey in the hall confirmed that Frank was “fully out”., even Trey seemed a little surprised.

Recognizing my defeat, I settled for catching Frank in the hall (fighting the crowd) and showing the video on my laptop..just barely before he was wisked away to the safety of the speaker room. I also got a copy through back channels.

If it’s true that Frank is leaving the IM I will be sad to see him go.   He’s one of the gurus I most like watching and reading, so much to learn from.   If nothing else he’s entertaining enough that I have gone through more of his material than other courses.

Amazingly all the material I’ve learned from Frank (he is a genius), such as Results in Advance that he’s presented on multiple times including the Magic Bullet Seminar, was still largely unknown to this crowd of largely affilaties and very powerful tool.  I know he’s remarked in previous presentation with exasperation “how many times can I sell you the same thing over and over again?. Apparently forever, like the olympic flame there needs to be a perpetual Frank Kern.

Hey it’s 2010, maybe we can make an animatronic like Disneyland!

Big thanks to Frank for all you’ve taught me. Core Influence was overly long egocentric, and probably impossible for others to replicate… but it really did completely reshape and potentially save my life.


Anyway, when in a good mood I can be quite the puckster.

Tony Robbins interviews Frank Kern and John Reese

This video interview between Frank Kern and John Reese has been floating around twitter lately, it’s good stuff. and popular:  282 Comments at the time I viewed it. You do need to opt-in to watch it, and I don’t make anything off the opt-in, so if necessary setup a disposable email address and watch it, it’s worthwhile.

John Reese, NOT sitting on Tony Robbins lap...nor Frank Kerns
John Reese (paraphrased), "My $1Million dollar day, totally beats your $440Million day Tony"

Several Remarkable things happened on the video.

  • Frank Kern and John Reese are mostly quiet for once 🙂
  • John Reese gets to sit on Tony Robbins lap, well the offer was at least made.
  • Showdown between John $1Million day vs Tony’s $400Million day.

Frank and John open with the important question,

why do most people fail?

This is like asking why average is so…average.  But it’s a fair question, given that most people eventually learn to walk, to read and basic math. Why is it that people will buy every Internet Marketing product out there, yet not get any results.   Why aren’t there more success stories?

Tony replies: Why is it 70% of people who are diagnosed with lung cancer still continue to smoke? or people disgusted with themselves being overweight reach for the chocolate cake.

Why is it that it takes complete failure before many people discover the right mindset to make it? while people surrounded by tons of resources, surrounded by the right books, the right time, the right people don’t do achieve what it is they desire?

My Take

I’ve been studying this for awhile, interested like the average reasons why people fail to help avoid that as much as possible when I teach as well as to avoid the pitfalls myself (challenging!)

  • We live in a remarkable age, and that is part of the problem. Escapism, pleasure or at least complacency is ubiquitous and cheap.   Why work when the evening news or a great movie is on?  Why save/wait when the credit card isn’t maxed out.        I’m no different, like this eve instead of working on the billion things that would make more sense to do, I overslept and watched Harry Potter in the 2nd run theater. It was fun, at least more than imagining a gun to my head as John and Frank suggest as a motivational tool. It’s not the right path, but it’s a easy seductive path.
  • Change is impossible,  not quite true but any rapid change tends to bounce right back.  There is a built in momentum in our lives.   The invisible habit fence that surrounds our comfort zone. This is why if you want to change you have to break the daily routine.  Like going on a trip, cutting out things (e.g. no internet, TV, cell for a week). Try it, it’s amazing.
  • Attention is the most precious substance in the universe. It’s just not very prioritized well, there are so many things that FEEL important that just aren’t when given space.  This is why batching things is so critical,  only then is the trivial many is given perspective when standing next important few. Try batching your time today like only checking twitter once and email 2 times a day.

There are darker reasons to why people fail online.

  • Most gurus know a lot, but … not how to teach. Frank in his videos even admits he doesn’t know what he’s doing consciously most the time, which makes it hard to follow.
  • Most courses aren’t replicateable. For a variety of reasons.  I know as I have a hard time learning, things must make sense or I just won’t do them.   Some are simple, the instructions are filled with holes, it’s not possible to do them.   Other times the info has changed, what worked yesterday doesn’t.  If chapter 1 didn’t work it’s hard to justify getting into chapter 3. At the far end, some of the work is too advanced. Kern is a marketing genius, and has a lifetime of experience and routines, every guru I’ve met is a collection of almost superhuman daily habits, that are impossible to follow more than a few steps.
  • The material is beyond reach .  In a fantasy world anybody who is 5′ can be an olympian basketball champion, in reality we all have different strengths that don’t always match with what’s required.   Might be we don’t have the emotional chops to empathize with the audience to connect with them. Might be not having the prowess to either manage or build on the internet.  People will still try driving with these blindspots.
  • The IM industry is filled with bullshit .  Filled with hype, false promises, and people will fall for it at first. It’s almost necessary, as IM products in order to sell crank up the pitch as he who shouts louder seems to win. Anyway when a product fails to live up the hype, people drop the product, but rarely ask for a refund in.  It could be that the product has 2-3 amazing tidbits but if people can’t get past the dissapointment of the hype it doesn’t matter.
  • Overload. Starting from ground zero, there is at least a 3-6 month road to walk daily in order to master just the basics, in addition to actually getting things done.  I know despite making time for it i haven’t finished courses I bought 3 months ago! and now the gurus have already relaunched them with updates…it never seems to end, so it’s impossible if you’re trying to master everything to get started.
  • Most courses aren’t replicatible. I know as I have a hard time learning, things must make sense or I just won’t do them.
Tony Robbins caught an idea THIS big
Tony Robbins caught Frank Kern telling a story THIS big

The Steps to make it

You really you should watch the video to find this out. I simply can’t do it justice in words the passion Tony pours into the message.   Here are some of the first ones mentioned:

  • Why it is important but it has to be why you are doing it, and that will depend greatly on where you are presently at. From desparation at Rock bottom to desire to change the world of multi millionaire, everybody has their own reasons for taking the next step. Why is it important for you to do it right now?
  • Daily ritual and Peak state practice: getting one into a peak state is critical, rather than relying upon the few ounces willpower. Getting that peak state is the momentum of a bowling ball, knocking down whatever in your way…to the point you don’t even notice hitting them. It’s a skill that must be practiced. Like I have a sound track and youtube playlist that ‘gets my mojo going’, it’s the same 3 songs, but I never grow tired of them.
  • Raising standards, Tony talks about how happy he was with his castle until he hung out with a billionaire and used that for comparison. How might you raise your standards?
  • Immersion. hanging out with hungry and positive people (seriously how I get my latest product going so quickly…if no other reasons than peer pressure!).

If you enjoyed this you should check out The 5 Guiding Stars to a Dramatically Better Life.