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My Prank of Frank Kern and Surfing Kern with Kung Fu Surfing Action

Well attempted prank.

Frank has pulled some classic pranks over the years, like convincing John Reese that black helicopters were stalking him,  This epic prank on John Reese was caught on video tape at Frank’s “insane” cousin Trey Smith’s blog. It’s hella funny and the production value is staggering for IM.

Since pranks can be fun, if this is the culture, I figured, Why not do something similar to him?

The idea came  to me when at my first internet marketing conference the Mass Control 2.0 seminar in April. I was so clueless about what to talk about.  IPranks abounded, especially on unexpecting speakers, who while watching their slides had “cock” flash on them, frequently causing them to break into laughter.

Seemed fun and easy to pull off.  I have had several years in improv comedy brightening all sorts of audiences lives with no real preparation.  But way more can be done with preparation.  I have friends in video and animation, and games there are tons of options with them in the mix.   It’s quite fun hobby, thinking up evuhl schemes to delight and entertain especially by someone who least expects it.

My first idea was a video that demonstrates Frank’s legendary surfing ability.   He has claimed to be the 11th worst surfer in Southern california, this up from 9th worst 2 years ago.  I storyboarded it and got a favor from my  brilliant animator Ramior Olmos friend and very talented Music designer Ralph Carter get it their time between major gigs, to get a more affordable rate. You can watch the awesome results here (provided you’re not on an ipad that is)

[flash w=550]

I’ve had a few questions if people can get their own like this, and they answer is, yes, maybe, depends.

The bigger goal was to get that as the preloader to some videos made by friends or a video game that let people surf as Frank.  With the goal of working on the inside, and to get it showed when he was presenting.   I did my best over the year worked inward to the cool people that could make this happen, and this funny animation helped open doors.   But I ran out of time, and it might not have worked out that well.  He’s such a BadAss  that and he doesn’t use slides or notes,…. ever.

On Saturday at the Magic Bullet Seminar was probably my last chance . Frank made an awesome  no holds barred presentation where he used the word “Bad Muthafucker” within the first 30 second, and other colorful words as liberally as table salt.

He said there was no reason to hold back. He’s burning bridges as he is retiring from the IM community for good.  That he has a schedule already of only 3 more live appearances, and that the torch would be passed to someone else. *insert drum roll* you’re guess is as good as mine as to who that will be.

His sights are on new ideas for the offline local business world, probably TV, and to break past the $5 million year cap that all internet marketers apparently seem to hit.

I had my doubts (and still do) but talking to his cousin Trey in the hall confirmed that Frank was “fully out”., even Trey seemed a little surprised.

Recognizing my defeat, I settled for catching Frank in the hall (fighting the crowd) and showing the video on my laptop..just barely before he was wisked away to the safety of the speaker room. I also got a copy through back channels.

If it’s true that Frank is leaving the IM I will be sad to see him go.   He’s one of the gurus I most like watching and reading, so much to learn from.   If nothing else he’s entertaining enough that I have gone through more of his material than other courses.

Amazingly all the material I’ve learned from Frank (he is a genius), such as Results in Advance that he’s presented on multiple times including the Magic Bullet Seminar, was still largely unknown to this crowd of largely affilaties and very powerful tool.  I know he’s remarked in previous presentation with exasperation “how many times can I sell you the same thing over and over again?. Apparently forever, like the olympic flame there needs to be a perpetual Frank Kern.

Hey it’s 2010, maybe we can make an animatronic like Disneyland!

Big thanks to Frank for all you’ve taught me. Core Influence was overly long egocentric, and probably impossible for others to replicate… but it really did completely reshape and potentially save my life.


Anyway, when in a good mood I can be quite the puckster.

Mass Control Seminar in San Diego Review #1

This is my first post/review on the MC#2 Seminar last weekend down in SD.

I’ve got to say I was pretty blown away,

and am still reeling. Oh my frigging head

Could be bad limes in the coronas inducing LSD like hallucinations, could be  what happens after you’ve seen the Spandanko video (, about 20 zillion times, could be seeing Boy Shakira dressed like Britney spears (which is soo wrong…)

Alright, time for public humiliation..

Warning: Profanity Ahead

*Cock*While I’m used to conferences and even giving presentations.  This was my first one in the internet marketing space… it was very different, in some ways it felt like high school graduation rehearsal. I kept expecting the inflatable beach ball and inflatable nude lady to be bouncing around.  *Cock*  Beers were on stage more than once, at one point there was tiff on who had more to drink, (Frank score: 6).   Pranks abounded: Speakers got spanked while presenting, “cock” flashed on the monitors trying to throw off speakers sometimes at the interval I’m using them here… As an attendee you weren’t allowed to ask questions unless you’re wearing a viking helmet, with blond braids.

Many colors, one voice…the godfathers of Internet Marketing

Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Jeff Walker, Perry Belcher, Ed Dale hanging at the secret crib
Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Jeff Walker, Perry Belcher, Ed Dale hanging at the secret crib...yes I was there the fly on the wall.

Since the common thread is marketing, the seminar attracted a diverse range of people.  Complete newbies to real estate, stock trading;  Those who make $1M per launch easily; and those dissatisfied with 80K months.   Almost all of the publicly known gurus of Internet Marketing we there, it was like the coachella of Internet Marketing.

It does strike me how lucky I am to be in LA, near SD, so much happens with the few hour drive, many attendees came from far away. One guy came all the way from London! I met someone at the hostel who didn’t even open the course or attend the sessions, his goal was just to see and meet his 2 favorite speakers (one didn’t even show up!). I almost forgot that such conferences are 90% networking focused— there are lots of successful people who garnered deals from places like this.

You’ll love my nut..notes…

Seriously 3 Days… 300Kb of notes.  The original phrase came from a video they ran early on. Over and over and over again. Very funny it’s on youtube.

During these conferences, most people retain just 1-3% of information presented so it was a surprise to see just a few people (that includes me!) taking down notes, even when the speakers were discussing relevant points.  I was indeed a newbie— maybe, those who don’t take down notes don’t really need the information. There were a few I talked to who’d been in it for years- a decade or so. They weren’t there for the information, they came to build their network.

Like a summer blockbuster, many presentation were great fun, but most weren’t something I’d want to see again… Especially since rewatching the videos, listening to the audios, they add up to 3days of presentations I’d rather be doing something.   Plus who knows when they will be posted, how much they will cost, and even if the info is still relevant given how fast the marketing community moves.

Looking around during the session it was also interesting to see when people were and weren’t taking notes and responding indicating where people have mastered or need.  Like on the 3rd day one of the presentation went into modelling business in spreadsheets and how such small changes can make the difference between hobbie (2K mo) and 1.5M business are.   Another earlier showed how small15% increases in 5 core areas could double the net profits.   I was kinda surprised at the reaction as spreadsheets are my first plan of attack when doing business viability.  Given how little the differences are the actual numbers,  I wonder if this is why so many are struggling.

I have links to those spreadsheets, in It may take me a few days to get the notes in a point that can be shared…stay tuned.

Day 1:  Notes + Review
Day 2:  Notes + Review
Day 3:  Notes + Review

If you want to help me out, post any particular questions you want me to focus on.

If you went to the conference, you should also join the super exclusive private forum: