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Let’s Do Dinner Shenanigans…

Both Amish and Trey this year are putting on “mastermind” dinners. $1K a plate for a few “lucky” souls to attend.  See for yourself (no affiliate link) (nice down to earth vid Trey!)

Now in the “real” world,  if I invite people out to dinner,  I usually offer to pay… not the other way around.  This is true of some of the most successful people I’ve met too.   They want people outside the circle as that’s where growth comes from.  But the wacky IM world works in reverse apparently, got to keep things inside “the family”.

But consider this a ” buy your favorite rock star a drink, and get to party with the them” hazing ritual.   If you have something of value to bring, some good jokes/stories, AND you believe you can pull a JV that works out with these guys, $1-2K  for 2 nights dinner is chump change.  I’d say go, it might change your life, as has every conference I’ve attended even when I didn’t know why I was going (and still often don’t).  I can say that strange amazing unpredictable things happen, but mostly OUTSIDE the conference…especially when it’s still going on.

Logistically the odds of getting these bonified IM gurus (and some false prophets) in the same place that you can actually talk to them is 1-2 times a year rare if ever, and when having fun and buzzed they are very candid and many will talk about anything you’ll never hear in a product. You get to see them off stage/camera and who are real and who are posing.      While I have no doubt that next June somebody will likely find another reason to put on a event at the Hard Rock, but I’m reasonably confident it won’t be Magic Bullet put on by Amish and Jay, for reasons they will probably announce at the event.

If you can’t go it’s not the end of the world,  it’s not impossible to talk to many of these people at any other time than the conference, when the groupies are after them…if you have something of value to bring to them.

However a more pragmatic question as to the whether or not it’s a good idea to spend the cash, is after the end of a long day or two or 3 of conferences, with libations (doesn’t take that many $1K attendees to keep it flowing all night), the creme de la creme of the IM mafia in town only for a few days…away from parental and family obligations…, if anybody is going to not be sh*tfaced enough to remember either of the nights or who you are ..or if you’ll remember anything either 😀

Going to these events tend to be sort of a high speed blur, even when fully awake+ caffeinated.