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What’s your top question on outsourcing?

I absolutely love outsourcing and automation!

and I think you could benefit too.

As you may not know, I am very skilled in the Delegation arts, however it needs to get done best I do it.

You know the UBB?  outsourced

THe UBB wizard?   completely outsourced

The Frank Kern Prank video?  outsourced (beyond the napkin phase)

Intellinar?  outsourced, so much I even took a month off while they built it.

My team runs the gamut, fulltime,  part time, temps sometimes only doing a few minutes.  The live everywhere, in my same town,  in the US and all over the world.

I have over $50K of my own money in outsourcing in the last 2 years.  Plus way more in working with clients in my development agency. I couldn’t have done any of it without my crack team of contractors. Many who work for $3.75/hr and do work that here in Los Angeles would run $60-$100/hr!.  My full time team is 7, scales to dozens ..quickly and cheaply.. as needed.

What’s more is across hundreds of projects, many clients and .   I have a near 100% perfect  rating on Scriptlance, Elance and Odesk.   Meaning I get it and I’m good at it, and I want to share with you some of the secrets how.

I’ve also had some wonderful failures I’d love to help you avoid.  Which is exactly how I developed the RAPID model to help you

The RAPID Results Framework
The RAPID framwork cycle, Research, Administration, Promotion, Infrastructure, Development

I really want you to get outsourcing (and automation) to work for your business, it’s the only way you can compete.

I also want you to get the answers to outsourcing without spending $2k on training. wouldn’t you rather have that working for you generating profit?

So what’s your top question on outsourcing?

Comment below and  I’ll answer it in video over the upcoming weeks on exactly how I and my team do it.