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Let’s Do Dinner Shenanigans…

Both Amish and Trey this year are putting on “mastermind” dinners. $1K a plate for a few “lucky” souls to attend.  See for yourself (no affiliate link) (nice down to earth vid Trey!)

Now in the “real” world,  if I invite people out to dinner,  I usually offer to pay… not the other way around.  This is true of some of the most successful people I’ve met too.   They want people outside the circle as that’s where growth comes from.  But the wacky IM world works in reverse apparently, got to keep things inside “the family”.

But consider this a ” buy your favorite rock star a drink, and get to party with the them” hazing ritual.   If you have something of value to bring, some good jokes/stories, AND you believe you can pull a JV that works out with these guys, $1-2K  for 2 nights dinner is chump change.  I’d say go, it might change your life, as has every conference I’ve attended even when I didn’t know why I was going (and still often don’t).  I can say that strange amazing unpredictable things happen, but mostly OUTSIDE the conference…especially when it’s still going on.

Logistically the odds of getting these bonified IM gurus (and some false prophets) in the same place that you can actually talk to them is 1-2 times a year rare if ever, and when having fun and buzzed they are very candid and many will talk about anything you’ll never hear in a product. You get to see them off stage/camera and who are real and who are posing.      While I have no doubt that next June somebody will likely find another reason to put on a event at the Hard Rock, but I’m reasonably confident it won’t be Magic Bullet put on by Amish and Jay, for reasons they will probably announce at the event.

If you can’t go it’s not the end of the world,  it’s not impossible to talk to many of these people at any other time than the conference, when the groupies are after them…if you have something of value to bring to them.

However a more pragmatic question as to the whether or not it’s a good idea to spend the cash, is after the end of a long day or two or 3 of conferences, with libations (doesn’t take that many $1K attendees to keep it flowing all night), the creme de la creme of the IM mafia in town only for a few days…away from parental and family obligations…, if anybody is going to not be sh*tfaced enough to remember either of the nights or who you are ..or if you’ll remember anything either 😀

Going to these events tend to be sort of a high speed blur, even when fully awake+ caffeinated.



Video Boss 1.0 Review..what’s in store for 2.0?

UPDATE: If you want access to my $1M Video Boss Bonus, check it out here.

So last year I took the plunge on Video Boss 1.0, while not perfect, it was a good investment that paid itself back shortly after getting it, I wanted to cover the pros and cons of it.

Over the last 10 years I have worked directly with Emmy award winning teams, Fortune 500 clients, on cutting edge video, in the very heart of entertainment: Hollywood.

Despite all that amazing experience, Video Boss’s training helped me realize: when it came to video marketing I was doing *everything* wrong. Which caused me to look a bit like this.

Shortly into Video Boss (even just the prelaunch content) I learned a ton about video marketing, and more importantly putting videos to use in generating money in my business. Like Video Boss is one of the only courses I’ve bought that actually paid for itself using the tactics they teach, actually in a very short time.

Video can be done cheap, without fancy tools.

This took me back.   Coming from the “real world” I’m used to the traditional video route where you have to use heavy weight tools, like Premiere and AfterFx, beefy machines, and HiDef cams etc.  After shelling out about $5K to get in the door every year another $2K  “tax” comes to get the next greatest version…which always seems to be needed if you work in teams as the file formats always manage to be half compatible.    To be honest I have kicked myself at times for spending this, year after year, as half the time buying into these monster packages, I use 1-3 tools, and never touch the rest, but Adobe is sharp in their packaging their pricing it almost always is cheaper to buy the whole set if you want more than 1 tool.

To contrast Video Boss teaches how to use common tools like Keynote, Powerpoint dialed up to 8 when most people stop at 1 or 2 to get what is easy to mistake for AfterFx work, without the labor.

Funny enough even as a “geek” I had never really even heard of Keynote. What made me really fall in love was it was with the near motion graphics quality when it was shown in the launch of Product Launch Formula 1.0 (which I didn’t realize was done by Andy Jenkins using Keynote and a old laptop).   I was so impressed, since Keynote is only available on a Mac so I plunked down $350 to buy a used mac mini off ebay (same could be had for $150 today…you don’t need powerful boxes for this).

Then I spent about 8 hours learning Keynote, creating 2 videos (one for an affiliate contest, the other for an offline client) ONLY using keynote and a USB headset,…nothing else gear wise was needed, keynote has a neat mode that lets you get record the audio and output to mp4. Then via a couple sales, I then made the money back on the training, AND the mac mini is a great home theater +music box that will be around much longer than the use of my Adobe software licenses.  Pretty good deal! Sadly that’s all the money I made using video as I realized that much of the workflow could be automated, so that’s what I’ve been working on for about a year now 😉

Want to really reach people with video? Drop the Hollywood Expectations, in fact don’t use video at all…

Another major problem I found in doing video, is having such high expectations, they really aren’t needed and in fact ..really get in the way.

You’ve probably heard the saying owning 20% of something is better than 100% of nothing, and that is true in video. Perfect video just never gets done, there is always something that can be done better…and really bad video is better than most good text, so 20% video I’ll talk more about is good enough.

First, we are seeing a shift in the world, Youtube democratized video, anybody with a smart phone is now a videographer. This is very empowering, if you have a passion, you now have a voice and an outlet to be heard, without years of esotaric knowledge or equipment. Videos with millions of views, are just passionate people being themselves, crappy camera, crappy lighting and crappy sound…it doesn’t matter. For example: Gary got 14Million views just by being goofy and doesn’t talk at all!:

What I found is by expecting myself to do polished work, I just never did any of it.   Running several companies in startup mode, it’s hard enough to break out the video camera, and never enough time in the day to fiddle with AfterFx as much as I’d love to, it just kept getting put off and put off and put off, till months would go by.

In the Video Boss Training learning how to Using tools like keynote and powerpoint you don’t even have to use real “video”… just slides with good enough content and some effects.   This was WAY easier, as it didn’t matter what I looked like on video, I didn’t have to memorize a script just read while the presentation played. I was able to find I could do videos in 1-4 hours by dropping the standards, and guess what…in testing these “ugly” performed better from a marketing perspective than some of the polished videos I’ve been a part of with emmy award, and I could create even 100 of them, in the timeframe of doing one the old fashioned way.

The Uglier the Video the better?!

The other revelatory thing was learning using a similar approach from Ryan Deiss in his “ugly video” sales letters.  Where using a similar no-video video got him 3x the conversions over the long form sales letter,and by being simple, there is nothing to get in the way of your message.

Ever watched a bad sci-fi show/movie and seen really unbelievable bad effects? Those that probably took millions of dollars to do and required talented teams months of research to get right but still looked bad.  Well guess what the same thing happens for normal video as well.  If you watch any amount of TV or movies you are unwittingly accustomed to multimillion dollar production baselines, which makes everything seem smooth and polished, anything half assed, looks like wanna bes with a crap budget.

The good news is by dropping the bar to simple text and images, and stock transitions, you can “get away with it”, there is nothing to trigger the high quality detector, In fact done properly it’s sort of hypnotic, like being a kid having a good read-a-long storytime.

All the Gear in the World won’t help unless you’ve got a good script…

This is one area that I thought was well worth it in the training as there isn’t much in the way of copywriting towards the unique aspects of video.  Basically if you spend $2K at a community college learning video, you learn the nuts and bolts of making video (usually with heavy tools), but you’ll never learn how to create video that generates sales.   Video Boss training has several formulas for creating scripts that sell. Like the “FAB” Formula:

  • Feature
  • Advantage
  • Benefit

I’ll bet they cover that in the launch video.

The Downside to The Video Boss…

Video Boss did have some things that could be improved, and hope to see in Video Boss 2.0.  For one there was a LOT of content, many modules, and as typical in these online courses it’s hard to know how much is there, how much is left, and  remember what you watched and what you haven’t., plus what you got out of it, and what you need to revisit.

I would strongly want a checklist and transcripts so it’s easy to skim and delve.  Video is great, especially in the hands of a entertaining master like Andy, but the essence can often be conveyed in text faster…plus reviewing it’s impossible to watch 40hrs of video multiple times.

What’s new in Video Boss 2.0?

It’s hard to say for sure as it’s all been so hush hush.

So as you know video boss 2.0 is in prelaunch  and I am putting a bonus with some of my video tricks, and …access to service that has been in stealth mode for months, that does ALL the work FOR YOU.  But between here and then I will have some other posts on video coolness. So stay tuned.

Gurus can look so goofy, but when you drive this much traffic apparently… it’s okay. [VIDEO]

Zeus, Hades, Poseidon.. Names ring a bell?

If you studied ancient mythology, you know these ancient gods were once the foundation
of a civilization, and generally were thought to kick ass.
Each had unique powers to rule their respective part of the world.
  • Zeus controlled the elusive lightning of the heavens.
  • Hades controlled gold and the underworld.
  • Poseidon controlled the ephemeral water covering most the planet.

Translated into today’s marketing, these 3 powers still exist.

Mastering them can get you god like powers, and even your own slavish fan club.
  • Lightning is SEO (aka) organic, it’s free as rain, very powerful if you get right..and damn ellusive to catch.
  • Gold is Paid Traffic, get it right buy your way anywhere, get it wrong and you endup broke in Hades, with no easy way out.
  • Water is Social Media, always changing, always flowing, everywhere.
While calling themselves “Titans of Traffic“, and looking rather silly on this video floating in the sky:
These gurus classify as demigods of Traffic at least.
They are from left to right, Keith Baxter, Jon Shugart, and Joey Smith.
Their super powers are SEO, Paid Traffic and Social Media respectively.

This could be Epic Traffic..

At least that’s what they are calling it.
Yes this is a launch, unlike most this one is largely about automation and tools instead of just infojunk.  Plus these guys actually make full time livings outside of training this stuff. Which is probably why they are a little awkward on camera.
A few of your have asked me what SEO tricks I’ve learned.  Keith is one of my favorite gurus these days, primarily as the SEO system he uses was mind blowing to me and I got sick of google’s PPC shenanigans.   I know from listening to Keith, these guys have spent a ton on this launch and are GIVING away valuable software, including some of the KILLER WordPress plugins they use (and I use as well, plus a few of my own enhancements).

They are going to be giving away training every day this week

on each subject SEO, Paid Media, and Social Marketing.

“Twitter Cash/Traffic Method” [VIDEO]

Joey is kicking things off surfing the near instant Twitter Traffic wave to get paid today. With his presentation

In that video you’ll learn how to
  1. Find hot targeted prospects using Twitter Search
  2. Get your offers in front of them PROPERLY then drive traffic.
While the first should be common knowledge by now, so many people do that last part wrong, which make it easy for you to beat them if you follow Joey’s tactics.
Cheers and Beers,

How to download for offline viewing and archiving those expensive website based courses

This article is inspired by three concrete problems I had this weekend, where I had premium content locked in a paid membership site and wanted a local copy of.  That content was often a rather large complicated site consisting of 200-300 files of 500-1GB of size.  While possible to do manually, getting it all, would have been time consuming and tedious to do so, regardless if I did it or one of my staff.  So in this we are going to review and cover 3 automated solutions I tried to get a copy and keep it safe.  So like the pharaohs of old you can take it with you.

Like the pharoahs of old, you can take it with you, provided you know these tricks...

The problem with online courses:

1) your course is only available online in some password protected site. Lose the password, downgrade your membership you lose access to it all.

2) you can’t take the course with you on the road or in places with poor internet connectivity, often which is a perfect time to learn and review this.

3) courses get outdated, and taken offline. E.g. gurus retire, or retire courses.  You spend $2k on the information it’s only fair that you get a copy of it, regardless of what the guru does with it in the future.

If you could get a copy for later for your “Learning Library” you could keep a copy even if you never use it. I still keep copies of my university books just occasionally to refresh my memory on certain subjects. Can’t say that they’ve gotten much use out of (e.g. Linear Algebra and Chemistry) but I spent like $200 on some of them when that was a LOT of money to me (as in a full month of rent) and years later…still… can’t… quite let them go in the trash 🙂

My Inspirations

First, I own Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula 2.0, which was $2k or so when I bought it about a year ago.   Jeff is retiring PLF2.0 in favor of PLF3.0 in just a couple of days. That means he’s deleting ALL of the excellent content and sites surrounding that product, partly to push people to buy the upgraded “redone from the ground up”.  Much of that pricey but good content I just don’t remember OR worse have paid lots of money for but haven’t gotten a chance to view yet, which come to think of it, is true for many of the courses I have bought, even if I have been working my butt off the entire year!!!.   While I could manually download files one by one, I wanted an easier way and one that would make sure I didn’t lose anything,  and being so busy, I put it to last few days…and just realized I only had a few days left.    I had planned originally just to download the core modules files, but getting into the site after almost a year ofnot seeing it,  I realized there was a huge amount I haven’t seen, and most available in several formats like PDF transcripts, that would benefit me more than just the video. It would be rather insane downloading the entire site that way so I went with the automated approach.

Second I am canceling one of my $300/mo mastermind groups, as over the 4 months, I’ve gotten most the value I need out of it and would rather have that money going someplace else -that’s about what I pay for a month of some of my Filipino workers!  As soon as I cancel though I lose access to ALL the information in the premium mastermind section. Which kinda sucks.  A much better way to go would be to just stop allowing me access to things I haven’t paid for but their membership software doesn’t do that.

Third one of the other membership sites  I wanted local copies of the videos, as they way they organize the site, you can’t watch a video and actually see the slides and take notes at the same time unless you use a spare PC, which make it hard for me to learn the site.

In every one of these cases downloading the videos is perfectly permitted and encouraged, as it’s for personal -not pirated use.  You almost never have the permission to reupload the site to make it ‘your’s” but in some cases (like in the case of employee training) it’s borderline, just make sure you only grant permission to authorized parties.

How to get a copy of that website for safe keeping.

The good news is there are a few different ways to go about this important if somewhat daunting task.

Manual This is great if you only need a few files, pick and choose style.  You can just use the browser to right click over a link and hit save as, or  from the main menu choose File>Save As> Webpage Complete.  This however won’t download video files on say S3 or youtube to keep them safe.   The reason for this is that it’s saves the html file verbatim, and keeps the links intact pointing to the web.

If it’s a video on say youtube there are a few different websites services for this like keepvid and  FireFox plugins like Orbit downloader.

In a pinch when people make it hard to find the video (e.g. EZS3) you can often use the firefox plugin firebug to see where the files are coming from and open the the file in new tab then save it. Firebug is meant as a web development tool (and it kicks butt at this).  Basically how you use it, look at this 9 step picture.

9 Steps to Using Firebug to download a video
9 Steps to Using Firebug to download a Video

Last I should say there are some times when people stream video, that video cannot be saved via any of these approaches, as the video never hits  your harddrive ever. In this last case you can use any screen capture program (Screenflow on a Mac, Camtasia on a PC) to do a capture of everything.  This is particularly great for webinars on gotomeeting.

Automated: If you have a lot of files special software is website rippers, that basically behave as you would viewing the site, except instead of saving it to a local cache they save it permanently to a folder of your choice.

So there are many tools to help you automatically download entire website for later.  They have basically have the responsibility to automatically follow each and every link from a given start page and download each and every file much like google’s search engine bots crawl your site, and once downloaded rewrite the links to something local and not still on the web.   This can actually be relatively complicated job given most sites link out to many other resources (like amazon S3) to host media files, or cross promotions. You have to sometimes setup boundaries on what you do and don’t follow, you don’t want to download the entire web!

Generally you first start a “project” that will contain all the files (e.g. 1 project might be 1 website) , so in my case I needed 3 projects, one for each site.  These projects can exist in various formats: the raw files as they exist on the web, or various compressed archives like zip folders or “chm” help files, which saves space and makes them say easy to share with mastermind or employees.   In all cases these tools try to download everything at a fast rate so will both hog the netconnection and consume significant CPU, so I recommend doing this when you aren’t trying to do something super important at the same time, or better yet start it when you go to sleep etc and check it in the morning.   Also it’s generally a good idea to make sure these files are virus checked in case the site got hacked.

There are MANY programs that do this, I tried the first 3 that caught my eye searching google for “download website offline viewing“, alternate search terms to try are “download entire website”

3 Website Software to Download for Offline Viewing

  • Htttrack, this is an open source free, near the top of the results.  It appears to be a command line utility minimal UI.  It worked fine for normal sites, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work with the password protected websites requiring a non popup login.  Though looking at it’s logs I was able to see that one of the sites was using the WP membership site plugin Aweber which I couldn’t have known before hand. It was the cheapest as it was opensouce/no cost.
  • SpideSoft’s Webzip:    this is not free but it has a fully functional 30 day trial, which for my purposes was good enough as I didn’t need this for more than a week.  They’ve been out for it seems a couple of years, various copyright dates on the software.  This is based on InternetExplorer so it’s workflow is different, and it worked better than Httrack for the password sites.  Basically with it’s built in browser, you browse like you would normally to the part of the site you want to copy, login if needed, and then hit go.   If needed to purchase they were also the cheapest of the 3. at $39.95 for the normal version.  The UI is reasonably polished and fancy feeling, some questionably graphics showing all the bytes in an bytes out.  I found running on Windows XP that it crashed a few times but was easy to resume from where it left off.  Viewing the results it added a extra note at the top about where the files came from, and the date. There is also a resync website so for example if the contents had changed and you wanted to only download the new ones. By default it stores the site in a conventional file/folder.
  • Bimesoft’s SurfOffline:  this is not free but has a 200 link trial, which for my purposes on 2 of the sites wasn’t good enough. It had a polished UI, good reporting on what it’s doing, it also had a visible browser so I could log into the sites before downloading them.    It did not crash like Webzip, but it’s not a fair comparison it also didn’t go as far as the trial version stopped at 200 links.  I found it a bit more limited and market/nagware. After you complete the download pops up a message to upgrade to the full version it had four different versions $39.95 for the standard ‘non-commercial’ version and $69.95 for the non-commercial professional version, commercial versions in both would run *significantly* more.  I couldn’t really figure out what the difference was between the standard and pro version.   It by default stores files in a compressed archive which is a great space saver but I didn’t like, as I prefer to be able to jump to movie files I want.
Screenshot of Webzip, after downloading the PLF website for offline viewing
Screenshot of Webzip, after downloading the PLF website for offline viewing.

At the end I was pretty happy with the trial version of Webzip, it did the job I needed, without costing anything.  If I needed this on a regular basis I would probably investigate some of the others out there, that didn’t require restarting. In any case I imagine that most tools like this run $40, and a 1TB harddrive is about $50 as of this writing, which is nothing compared to the price of one of these pricey courses and the peace of mind having the ability to consume it however you want, whenever you want, however long you want, without being dependent on those pesky gurus.

I have what I call a Learning Library currently about  1.5TB in size. It contains ALL the courses I have bought to date, some $10K or so.  In particular it contains on the harddrive, copies of  DVD collections and OCR printed materials I get in those “big box courses” as harddrives are cheap, and DVD’s can get easily damaged or lost in the hustle of life and piles of stuff. OCR the swipe files makes them actually easy to copy and paste from.     Even better is once ripped and converted most are compatible with web browsers, I can tag, organize and even search the files and create hyperlinks to relevant courses on relevant subjects which i can’t easily do with my DVD collection collecting dust on the shelves. Not to mention most IM courses are kinda ugly, not exactly something I like having a showcase of..

Traffic and Conversion Summit Wrapup and Shocking News

TroyNotes, straight shooting in Texan shirt
TroyNotes, straight shooting in brand spakin' new Texan should see the size of the belt buckle

Howdy Yall <–heavy Texan accent.

Right now I’m in Austin, unwinding after the amazing weekend at Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss‘s Traffic and Conversion Summit. I wanted to Welcome the new people I met this weekend thanks for dropping by, and for those of you who didn’t go get you a brief update and share a few ninja or is that cowboy tidbits.

If you didn’t make it, sucks to be you.  Probably $25K+ worth of  information were presented this weekend, for some of us next to free, and there were some tips I’ve never heard anywhere including some real doozies submitted by audience members today, that took even Perry and Ryan back.

I’m going to use R+P from now to refer to Big Bear and Little Bear …er little Napolean, er Ryan and Perry.

The No BullSh!t  MiniReview – Traffic Conversion Summit

blue paper binder
The Texan sized organizational system

Sadly this is going to have to be a short review..there isn’t actually a repeat product, and none of you will get to see it, it’s more to let you know what happened.

A 3 day 100% content, pitch free, R+P only event?

That’s how the event was sold.   Definitely some Bullsh!t there.

First there WERE pitches:

  • a small 14 person $25K mastermind group P&R are putting together..not aggressively pitched but still a pitch. They should have made that known before hand, it might have been a selling point.
  • $200-$300 DVD copies of the 3 days audio and video,  only available to attendees and not for sale uncut…there are some Perry uncut moments which were hella funny. This is a reasonable cost, would prefer download, but I understand.
  • a plug for Infusionsoft and a few other vendors, but here it gets tricky…if you use a tool heavily and there’s not any other option on the market, is that a pitch?   R+P have a self proclaimed “frankenstein” approach, I was blown away at how many systems they use.
  • The worst pitches actually came from the audience, there should be a no pitch policy from attendees.  Some attendees I thought abused mic privledges..multiple long pitches while up, and religious ones, rambling on, please be respectful.

but on the scale of pitchfestness these almost didn’t register, at say 2-4% .

Perry & Ryan & US in a locked room together… with the lights dimmed.

Second it said only Perry and Ryan would be speaking.  Not true either, there was 1 other standalone speaker on CPV networks (which I’d never heard of…but very cool, if scary if you get wrong) and probably 3-6 other assists, including some enlighting time with Ryan’s implementation team which was somewhat  spontaneous.  There was a good section on offline marketing and some impressive stats when using these approaches effectively.

Drinking from the Firehose 3 days x 9am-7pm…

3 days of tasty information overload
3 days of tasty information overload

That’s how it was pitched.  Which immediately triggered, a bit of fear…that’s a lot time and info to focus. A tiny bit of bullsh!t.  We ended at 1pm on Sunday. Got started late.

Still this was true in spirit, there was so much information we went over every day it overflowed, and will still be having a long webinar and a video to cover the things we couldn’t get to today. Like customer stick rate and the mysterious “Weapon”

Sometimes bigger is not better.  My biggest concern about big multiday long seminars is wondering how much of the material that will be retained or can acted on once home.  My experience with most events is the take away is very low, especially if there are multiple fast speakers.   Even if your taking detailed notes as fast as I.

However they did several great tactics definitely worth cloning  in your seminars, to maintain attention and tack comprehension. These I can share, use them!

4 Tips to explode seminar attendees attention and take away.

These are excellent strategies used by R+P.

Eliminate Interference Just like taking off an in an airline. Have them turn off cellphones and laptops, encourage peer pressure so nobody has a laptop open. Email and web surfing are huge attention busters…

Do frequent breaks so people can get their coffee, net, nicotine fix as well as feed them sugar

Prenote Take notes for them ahead of time.  Like use this printout to make taking notes for your audience 4x easier.

they printed out all the slides like this.

Effective prenoted slide thumbnails and room to write notes on the side
Effective prenoted slide thumbnails and room to write notes on the side

With the slide thumbnail on the left and several lines to jot notes on, about 6 per page, amazingly most the slides were perfectly readible at that size. Except for some white text on yellow background which is 100% readable exactly nowhere and drawing lines to point out important features on screenshots.

Give an action item page and hot tips. Basically a single page each for people to summarize key stuff, and keep it from getting lost in 100’s of pages of notes.

They offered relatively low cost unedited versions of the event in a non-downloadable version for attendees which is great. By day 3 my head was already full so I missed a ton.  It would be even better if they had a transcription of the event so it can be skimmed.

Timed Delivery just like coated asprin. One of the most subtle tips is they handed out the printouts  for the section right before the presentation. While this was somewhat a break in the flow it kept people from jumping forward and not paying attention, diminishing overload, and somewhat of an icebreaker when people were handing things out. Same trick works in continuity programs.

Rotate speakers. having multiple speakers with different styles helps keep peoples attention and on long breaks like this, keep people from burning their voice out.  Ryan and Perry are perfect, almost like good cop and bad cop. They play off each other well.

Oh and deliver good content, and allow people to ask questions and raise objections is huge at keeping people’s attention.

The resultant focus was so intense you could hear the audience turn the pages of notes at the same time!

Unanimous Standing Ovations

Perry and Ryan setout to create an unsurpassed value and totally overdeliver and pulled it off into  standing ovation territory.

Standing ovations can be cliche, and generally being contrarian, I don’t feel compelled to join the crowd.  However I’ve put on seminars of this scale and it was amazingly smooth. Most people will not appreciate how hard it is to make it look this easy AND record it AND order stuff.  There were a few camera and remote control glithes, minor details, but they are par for the course.  When it came to thank Perry + Ryan,  and the options were, clap or stand or scream, I chose a and b, and I was one of the first ones up.

It’s the  things you can’t predict that make going to these events so exciting.  I have  P+R’s stuff already from the solid and cheap get money from google system which has most of their products which I know reasonably well. I expected far less new information. For every hour of material there are onionskins peeled back, revealing of  insights and tactics they never put into courses.  The candid nature of talking about vendors, who’s good bad etc is something that usually costs seriously tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing and headaches

I’m pretty sure this would be an IM  event of the year,  how often do you get the peek behind the curtain of guru’s actually making money in action?  Unreserved access for 3 days to interrupt them while presenting with questions.  The use of  the nifty named things like  “The machine”  was just 1 of about 12 specific new invaluable things I learned, each of them alone being worth the trip. I’m so excited to start putting these things into action…and improving on them in a few cases.

One of the shocking and sad things is that this will be the last seminar like this for awhile..possibly ever. Unlike most Guru’s and one of the reasons I like them, is  Perry and Ryan actually make more money of the real niche businesses than the do the IM training business, and since they haven’t touched those businesses in 6 months or more and have many new tricks will be returning to focusing on their biggest money makers and turning of the lights on new product creation for an unknown period of time.

2 Instant Businesses created FOR me in 4 hours.

Talk about Shock and Awe, I basically dropped everything I came to the conference with and came home with  not 1 but 2 *Instant* businesses mostly created for me.   This is how I feel:

Playing Texan sized guitar, in Austin music capital
Playing Texan sized guitar, in Austin music capital

Once backends in place, both are easily million dollar a year businesses, and eventually way way more and much better than the products I’ve been working on for awhile.

Friday my top product in development were:

  1. Infoproduct Health And Vanity
  2. Infoproduct Productivity
  3. Infoproduct Weight Loss

Today it looks like

  1. New Application
  2. New Info product

My mastermind group is going to be so confused shifting gears 😉

This was despite by best efforts at being a wall flower. Counter intuitivelyI ended up landing new amazing connections and new opportunities.

  • Intimate Dinner for 2,with the $80 Million Dollar Man. .. and he paid for it. Wait that came out wrong, rather trying to keep things on the cheap while I dump 110% of my funds into products dev. However If I were into believing in Fate, this would be one of those supporting cases.     I got there late the first day opting to take the bus, and of the 300 seats only a couple were left.  Like guided by traffic cops,  I got directed to the right side with a few pointed arms, and waved to sit down next to a fellow we shall name R.  During the breaks we got to talking, turns out we are about the same age in internet marketing.  Existing in parallel universes he in the business world and I in the tech+creative. We hit it off so well, we spent probably 5 hours tag teaming helping each other’s business from our vantage points.  Ironically both of us are not prone to socializing.   I discovered later he runs about a dozen corporations, just one that does $80 million a year spread across paintball to freight logistics, and has a vast amount of passion and experience he loves sharing it.  There were 300 people in that room, talk about luck!
  • Instant Business,. R and I got to talking about one of his new projects a Millionaire Support Group, and he got a little stuck trying to market it.  I have several tools in my content creation framework, I pulled out one of my favorites called Aida’s Aces, a checklist system for creating marketing campaigns for personality based businesses which fit perfectly for what he was needing.  I ran through the I’Do’m mindset activator right before, walked him through it and he loved it.  The lightbulb in his head immediately lit up, and he then proceeded to exploded that single nugget it into a massive industry I was kinda blown away.. much as the inventor of post it notes is probably blown away by how many are sold.  Just not something that occurred to me that is a huge addition if he said I’d make it into a product has the network to get it out to them. And creating that product would only take me a couple of weeks due to my high standards.
  • How I landed a JV deal with Ryan Deiss with no list, no connections, and no real product. That would totally sound like internet marketing crap but it’s crazily true.   Let me summarize,
    • Saturday morning I had nothing, not even an intention of changing course.
    • Saturday afternoon I had a new idea from using the I’Do’m on the presentation and just listening. Opportunities pop up all the time if you listen for them.
    • Saturday evening I had a viable working prototype…Admitedly this is because I’ve very good at this sort of thing.  I’m going to keep things quiet for now as to what it is.
    • I create a demo video, I took word pad to create some ‘slides’ and used Jing to create a short 2 minute video, as real software always breaks in first demo, I swapped between wordpad and the playback to do the title sections no editing other than pausing Jing, how’s that for ghetto?
    • Sunday afternoon I presented the audio version to the crowd in an Ninja tricks section, which got Ryan’s attention, and gave my email out after the benefit had been established.
    • Sunday late afternoon I had both a invitation from Ryan to have him do a mailing for me on it when it’s done, and one of Ryan’s team essentially design the next version of the product for me, use their many products as beta test with me (proof!), and give me a price point.  *BAM*

This shows creating products is easy and doesn’t have to be complicated, just listen to what people *really* want, look for holes in what’s out there or ways to make things better or  faster or easier or cheaper, and can be made inexpensively and in time.  Tap into pain points and enthusiasm of your core audience, interview them, if you ask the right questions and they will often amaze you with the insights of what they want and what they don’t want,

In more potential fun, one of the books at the hostel lending library is perfect for an iphone app. ..and it’s mostly pictures and almost doesn’t make sense as a book.  4 PhD’s created it, free and out of print. Same idea, different medium.

Back to Los Angeles in 12 hours.

At the hostel I’m staying at, Beatles “Come Together” is playing, perfect theme….everything truly is coming together at a far more rapid rate than I had imagined.  Needless to say I’m ecstatic about all that’s transpired.   So I went out to celebrate, Guinness + skeeball, cafe’s, live music, wandering around downtown Austin, so many things to experience

Truly wierd seeing tie dye shirts in Texas and not Berkeley
Truly wierd seeing tie dye shirts in Texas and not Berkeley

Austin is a weird town, half of it is partying and half of it is closed on Saturday and more so on Sunday.  Wandering in and out of stores, I ended up getting a killer if slightly loud texan shirt as a souvenir.

Heavy rock is everywhere here, the cab driver on the way back had DevilDriver cranked up and pointed me to a video of the largest mosh pit 3500 people and propellor hair spinning (watch it). Tripppy

It feels good to be heading home to LA tomorrow.  Rock on!

Be sure to check out the TroyNotes special report Rock’n Austin 2009

be happier than this dog, download the TroyNotes special report
be happier than this dog, download the TroyNotes special report