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What is Google Cash Automator?

This is a part of the No Bullsh!t  Multipart Review of Google Cash Detective and Google Cash Automator.


The Google Cash Automator is an automated bidding assistant for optimizing ROI on AdWords PPC campaigns with conversion tracking. A profit squeezer.

More Detail:

Google Cash Automator (or GCA for short) is a web-based service (meaning you use a browser to use it) that closely ties into the GCD tool and your own AdWords campaigns. Chris Carpenter of Google Cash notoriety created it.

There are highly complementary tools in intent. GCD finds profitable ads and keywords, GCA manages them in your own.  Right now, the GCA is a free up sell on the various packages, buy a year of GCD and you get lifetime access to GCA.

Key Benefits:

  • Saves you time managing campaigns
  • Maximizes Return on Investment for keyword->ads->landing page->conversion via a couple formulas
  • Tracks conversions, e.g integrates with clickbank.
  • Manages campaigns more frequently
  • Can handle big campaigns with thousands of keywords
  • Integrates tightly with Google Cash Detective.

Where it came from:

It is relatively new, only a few years old, and less than a year of live customers on it.  This shows and is still rough around the edges.

Chris Carpenter (of Google Cash Fame…not the Xfiles) created it, it was inspired by Chris to automate his 20-30K a month affiliate businesses.  Freeing him up to live a high “internet lifestyle”—  living on the beach in Mexico, surfing and spending time with family, heli-skiing, surfing. traveling, etc.

5 Minute Tour

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How GCA works:

Google AdWords has an interface that allows third parties to talk to your campaign and manage it.  You have to integrate GCA with your AdWords account, which requires a bit of set-up, taking about 30 minutes to an hr.

For each of the keywords you use, GCA will give it a tracking id.  Your PPC ads will point to GCA’s URL instead of your merchant site, and GCA will track the click, and then redirect it to the merchant site.

If you are using Clickbank or the like, GCA accepts the export of sales conversions, which also have the tracking id, so GCA can match them back up and tell what is working.

At the end, GCA attempts to squeeze the most money of the campaigns while keeping them in decent conversion slots.


There are several analytic tools: Affiliate Prophet, Google Conversion Tracking, Prosper101. With different goals.

While there are other automated campaign managers. At present, I am not aware of any other competitors in the same ballpark as Google Cash Automator.  Currently $97 a month, presently the only available for purchase with the Google Cash Detective packages, which give several months to a lifetime free if you buy a year of GCD.