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Video Sales Pages with synchronized elements.

Hey Guys,

Most of you know now that video sales pages are crushing it
especially compared to long form sales letters.

One great trick is showing hidden elements at the right time.
Like optins and or buy buttons (e.g the UBB)
The has the benefit, people focus on your message
rather than searching for the price.

Doing this requires script, and doing it correctly
requires special script, that’s hard.

So I developed one and a wizard that makes this easy.
It synchronizes one or multiple calls to action to a video,
unlike others, it keeps perfect synch with the video
even if it’s paused or rewound.
The the call to actions are also completely hidden.

Here is a demo video on the first version over a year ago.
Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

It’s proven, you’ve likely seen others using the approach
in major launches.
I believe in it so much, I’ve never had a sales page without it.
I’ve even licensed the tech to some major gurus
for several thousands of dollars who white label it.

We’ve added many things since then
including HTML5 video (ipad, ipod), preloading, bandwidth detection.
google analytics etc.

Now I’m looking at letting others like YOU play with it, but I need your help.

In the process want to develop a course on video sales letters
how to best use them, and any other questions
like what specific questions you have on creating video,
hosting video, integrating it, etc.
How to use this Magipage script for sales, powerful video surveys,
single time offers, A/B testing etc.

As well as what I need to do to make it easy to use,
as I know many of your aren’t techies
and need all the help you can get,
so will even make my tech team available to you if choosen.

So I’m looking for 7 people with *existing* sales pages  and existing sales, that are willing to do A/B split tests to figure out how much better this performs over their existing page.  You’ll get the script for free and help from my team and myself getting it in place.

If interested please leave me a comment below,with why you think you’re a good candidate, and if desired include your phone or skype.