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  1. I’m interested in the intellinar software. I’ve tried the Webinar selling machine and couldn’t get it running. I’m fairly competent with software but just couldn’t make it work. Are you still offering the software? I’m trying to run scheduled webinars for several products. Thanks.

  2. Hey Troy

    I’ve heard the gurus get paid by people to help create their product because they have the knowledge, is this something that they do? I just notice how all high selling IM products have the same style and didn’t know if it was just by copying each others or is there someone behind the scenes that helps create a lot of them and takes a cut of the profits?

    Many Thanks

    1. Hey Matt,

      Yes..they totally do get “paid to create their product”. First keep in mind that these gurus are primarily interested in making max amount money, with a secondary teaching and most aren’t teachers. They get lazy and do one-off through the courses, preferring to bog people down with hour long FAQ’s calls to answer questions that could/should have been answered in the course itself. Since the industry is Product Launched base they are never building things of lasting value, but creating churn and burn consumables.

      Here’s typically how it goes

      enter scene with a bunch of supposedly gurus around the table

      let’s do a product on SEO in April
      Yeah that sounds Great! we haven’t done that since last April.
      But I wonder can we make $1M off this to make it worth our time getting JV’s etc?
      Don’t know, what we should probably do is set the price to $2K to get people’s interest, come up with a rough outline of what we want (so we can create the sales letter) to see if we can get people to promote
      Great get started on that, worst case if the numbers don’t break 100K on the launch we can just refund people their money without spending time/money creating a course.

      1. Hey Troy

        Thanks for the info, luckily the courses I’ve bought in the past weren’t that expensive and I did learn some stuff but I never believe any of the profit making stats!


        1. Hey Matt,

          Glad to help.

          Also I did want to point out that if you have deep or desireable knowledge that it is something you could use to “get paid to create a product”

          A more ethical version of this is say a live presentation with a small group, where you go module by module and see what questions arise.

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