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The Notes:


Coming soon:

still making sure they are up to snuff.  If there’s a particular subject, or product you want me to tackle leave me a note.

Some in the cue:

  • Google Cash Detective Strategies
  • The Clickbank Report (who to follow what to avoid)
  • The Making Money Online Gamegrid.
  • Mass Control Extention
  • Getting to your Core  and Connecting with it

Tools are also planned

  • One Perfect Average Day ( A dreamlining tool)
  • Ad grenade clone.
  • A unnamed tool to setup  campaigns

10 thoughts on “Copy My Notes”

  1. Hey Troy,

    Where have you been?! It’s great to see someone championing the cause of the guy in the back row who is listening, but just can’t get his head around the subject. I’ve been at this IM stuff for about two years and only recently is it starting to fall into place for me.
    You’ve got great posts throughout the the site and you’re insight into coding for websites is the kind of stuff ex-jocks like me need to make it all work. I’ve got lots of questions for you, but I’ll save them and wait to see what you post next.
    Thanks for translating the technical components of HTML and the obscured marketing tactics of the gurus into easy to follow, actionable sequences. With your help and insights everyone has a chance to run with the big dogs or at the very least break into the pack.

    Waiting for More….


    1. Hey Todd!

      Wow thanks for the compliments. I hear ya, so many gurus while clearly experts aren’t necessarily great teachers. Trying my hardest to make it approachable there’s room for all, and certainly the gurus aren’t really hurting for money.

      I would love to write more posts but right now I’m fully focused on some huge product development, and growing my team. I’ve started a CPA business (when I bought Magic Bullet) and a Infoproducts business (Niche Profit Classroom) and am helping one of my best friends start a local to online business as he has a new kid and hasn’t gotten paid more than a few K in months!

      Like you I’m still learning lots! Always chewing on finding the right metaphors and actionplans.

      I wanted to do lots more video and some checklists, but I found that 1) I didn’t have the right gear so got a bunch of stuff, 2) that the process was kinda painful getting stuff on the blog and Content Delivery Network, so I’ve had my dev team working on a plugin that makes getting video on wordpress ez. I also want to make some of that entertaining so I’ve been trying out some of my animator friends getting used to the storyboarding.

      If you have specific things you want to address shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to get them answered.


  2. Hi Troy,

    Just a quick note to say gidday from down under. I am a newbie to all this IM stuff (just built my first blog yesterday), but am keen to get my head around it and am very glad to have stumbled upon your website.

    I like your no bullshit, shoot from the hip style and look forward to reading as much as I can from your archives.


    1. Gidday Dave!

      Welcome aboard and thanks.

      Sorry I don’t have any notes up yet. Focusing on tool development right now and one of those tools is a mindmap+video to help teach content.

      There is so much to know!

  3. Hi Troy,
    Like many others, I stumbled upon your page. And find you are a bit like me…in a different area of competence. People keep asking me, and have been for years, “when are you going to publish your books?” And I keep telling them “Soon!” Soon has gone on now for several years (well perhaps you are unlike me, there!) and in the meantime dozens, or should I say truckloads of other dudes come out of the floorboards with stuff I never published (but had written about and knew intimately) and get people familiar with the topics, gradually eating in my field of know-how. I just used to be astonished when it began to happen. “Wow! I am not alone anymore!” was my catch-cry and feeling for some time. It was amazing to feel part of a growing movement. While I was a silent expert for many, many years, just local, not internet global. And now I have spent the last 12 months hovering around this IM field trying to figure out how to present my work.
    And in IM there are more than truckloads of “experts” now. They are as ubitiquous as buzzing flies round a picnic table.
    However, if you are personal, sincere, and answer the practical essential things people want to know, and you are honest, then the field will open again, because many people are getting tired of razoo and simply need to get focused, and focused with the right guide/s. I am writing this because you really do seem to be one of them.
    So, how is the big project going? Learn from this dude

    1. Hi Viridian,

      Wow! Thanks for the thoughtful shout out! and compliment. Curious what is your domain of expertise?

      Alas, the answer is complex.

      Yes I know more than many many so called gurus at this point, and even some of the real gurus as I unlike them learn from everybody and make it into one relatively cohesive framework and teach it in a coherent way. Which is a lot of work!

      Part of whatever I create is usually wanting high production values. Interactivity + Video + mindmaps + pdfs+pictures so people can learn whatever their modality is. Finding the best metaphors to help the concepts stick. This takes time and iterations.

      Partly because many of the things that I most want to write about are probably beyond many’s interest and I haven’t figured out how to segment it, e..g one persons passion is another persons spam.

      Partly is I’m still learning lots and love it.

      Part on things like SEO is I want more proof of what works best, as the field changes so often and there is quite a lot of crap to wade through. This requires experimentation and time.

      I am working on the easy outsourcing guide, and have a TON of great material, still heavily working on editing the script and getting the servers setup.

      Partly it’s because I’m an introvert and enjoy leading a simple life. Being a teacher can take a lot of time and extroversion I don’t really have 🙂

      Partly many like me would prefer tool that does the work instead of the instruction manual and I’m building lots of massive major things in that area. e.g. one of my most popular entries is how to get a video onto S3. We have tools that can make all those steps drag and drop easy and won’t cost much.

      Mostly every project needs support, and right now I and my team are completely saturated with some major projects / services (partly with many major gurus) and all focus is required on that.

    1. LOL. I should clarify, and finish my sentence too.

      When I first entered this space I thought that teaching training would be the best use of my time, and a way to make some good money. Ironicaly as I’ve gotten to know many of the people in the space (many of the gurus I’ve met/partied with). this led to bigger opportunities building/automating what most of these people teach. In both what I get paid and in what people get this appears to be a bigger win + win situation.


  4. I noticed right off you were philosophical and introspective and capable of articulation in creative ways. You ask about my domain of expertise? The mind-space we are in, ways to get a grasp on it psychologically, and true vectors out of the containment. A study that consumed 13 years postgrad work.

    1. Totally on the philosophical+introspective+creative 🙂

      You totally get bonus points for using the word vector and mindspace:)

      So what do you want to know in particular? I’ll bump up the priority or answer it on the blog if short.

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