Craigslist Quick Cash Course

Craigslist is a great way to make relatively easy money, without so many technology headaches as other online businesses.  In this 1.25 hour course we’ll go over 10 tactics and 7 cases studies to profit the most out of selling on craigslist.

The Craigslist Quick Cash Course

VIDEO Version duration: ~90 minutes, 21 videos

  1. Craigslist Quick Cash: Introduction – duration: 2:00
  2. Craigslist Quick Cash: Overview duration: 15:00
    1. How we make money on Craigslist
    2. 9 Advantages to Selling on Craigslist
    3. 4 Step Overview of Selling on Craigslist
    4. What is Craigslist, and 3 ways how people find stuff to buy on it?
    5. How do we sell on Craigslist?
    6. 3 Communication modes to reach the most buyers.
    7. Gear needed for best selling on Craigslist.
  3. 7 Case Studies* – duration: 35:00
  4. Craigslist Quick Cash: Advanced Tactics*– duration: 25:00
    1. Setup*
    2. Getting Stuff to Sell, bootstrap and parttime*
    3. Getting Stuff to Sell, Fulltime*
    4. Anatomy of a Winning Craigslist Ad*
    5. Evaluating The Worth of an Item*
    6. Negotiation and Upsells*
    7. The Best Posting Ad Times on Craigslist*
    8. The Trained Deal Eye*
  5. How to Use the Video Sales Page Template*– duration 10:00
  6. CraigslistQuickCash: Conclusion


To get the mp3 of the first 4 files (the 5th doesn’t make sense without visuals) visit this page:

Craigslist Quick Cash – Audio Mp3 Version*


* paid premium content, password protected  -to access use password inside the zip, when you purchased this course.

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