What is Craigslist, and 3 ways how people find stuff to buy on it?

In order to best get the most sales out of Craigslist, you need to understand the unique qualities that make Craigslist so special, the 3 ways that people may find your products and services. We’ll also cover some fascinating stats, like..did you know that Craiglist is 170M company with billions of page views every month? Watch that here.
The more we understand how people find stuff they want to buy, the easier it will be for us to take advantage of it in our sales. In this video we show you the 3 different ways.

[showvideo video=http://troynotes.com.s3.amazonaws.com/courses/craigslistquickcash/v2/CraigslistQuickCash-2-5-what-is-craigslist-and-how-do-we-buy-on-it-iPhone.m4v image=http://troynotes.com.s3.amazonaws.com/courses/craigslistquickcash/v2/CraigslistQuickCash-2-5-what-is-craigslist-and-how-do-we-buy-on-it-poster.jpg w=640 h=480]

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