Video Smideo, is the world Flipping out over HD vids?


Found out by Ed Dale

I’ve seen several people use Flips… everywhere.  There were at least 4 this weekend at the secret Mass Control 2.0 Seminar in San Diego, shooting all sorts of things I’d prefer to forget… britney spears shemale dancing (boy shakira), men on men action on stage, the topless pool at the Hard Rock hotel.

Chris Carpenter in his Google Cash Video Launches have also been using Flips to do ‘interview’ style lifestyle videos. With an assistant shooting him doing his normal life, it has a very cinematic feeling. There’s even one which was shot in the water while surfing.

With that sort of abuse I guess it’s a good thing these types of cameras are cheap enough to be disposed.

Pocketable cameras are more important to me than big cameras. While one can always go with bigger cameras, I find the bigger they are the more likely they are to be left at home when out and about, and smaller ones can be done with one hand giving the “over the shoulder feel”.

I personally prefer the Exilim Series, which you may want to check out my notes of here

The Future Of HD in online advertisting

I recently came across the site the Fixer, which is an ongoing HD funny infommercial for the AXE deodorant line.  It’s a great example of multi-camera HD online. The production quality is amazing and funny.  Of course their line of deod0rants are in Target so they have huge volume and huge budgets If you like frat parties, you should probably check it out,

I’ve really been wondering about how HD video will affect 1 to 1 communications, like if the quality will affect conversion rates, and also what the consumer acceptance of full screen video is?  Can even the assumption be made that people shopping online have the bandwidth to view such things? What about those increasing hordes viewing through iphones?  Many of the on-demand HD video services for movies and such currently losing money. Bandwidth cost vs perceived quality, a HD video can be 4x the bandwidth requirements vs a SD counterpart.

Shooting in HD has advantages even if the output is SD (or web).  The crew at Frank Kern’s videos during one of the QA’s talked about how they shoot HD and edit down to SD for the various online videos, this can create a variety in the shoot, to maintain interest, like panning and two cameras during post production. Easy to do in most editing tools.

If you’re interested in video. You should check out the video category.