3 Softwares to Generate Business Plans

If you are new to setting up businesses (even an internet affiliate business with no products of your own, no list of your own). A business plan is a great way to crystalize both to yourself the goals for your business. Even selecting an product to be an affiliate for, It’s very common to just skip this step of market evaluation, competition analysis and then find that you’ve spent hours on a project that couldn’t possible work financially…and that’s really what it’s about!

There are several different ways you can go about generating business plans, from paying somebody $2-$10K to do it (recommend hitting elance for this sort of thing). If you are interested in doing it yourself here are 3 softwares to help:
1) Free
2) $14
http://www.amazon.com/JIAN-BizPlan-Builder-8-0-Interactive/dp/B00005KJJ2 $14

(buyer beware, read the comments)

3) $130

Are Multi-Camera Shoots Right for you?

Frank Kern does it

Chris Carpenter does it

Quick Video Marketing does it. (and even tell you in depth how)

Just about every TV show does it.

Shouldn’t you do it too?

One common technique on TV is to use multiple cameras with different perspectives.  This has the following advantages

  • When doing interviews or product shots, you can’t see everything with just one camera alone.
  • It adds variety and keeps the users attention.
  • It with cutting can draw the users focus.
  • With proper cuts and fades create emotion

It’s been tempting to get 3 camera ‘interview” shoots both for the blog and some info products, like one of the ones I do is a cooking show like feel, that would benefit from having 2 camera.  One close up on the desk watching the hands, the other two adding variety to the shot of the cook and helpers.  Since I use cameras like the flip, this doesn’t break the bank and still fits into a single pair of jeans.

For infoprenuers who are largely doing things solo, or need to be portable, and targeted the web, this class of cameras is easy to carry in a single bag, I just haven’t heard of many doing it.
Here’s a great 12 min video on how easy it is to do multicam editing in Adobe Premiere

One alternative to the Flip the Exilim V8

The Casio Exilim V8, last years model but still great for big video.

While many of the pocket cameras out there support video, some do it better than others.

I actually use the Casio Exilim V8, which originally was $400 and top of the line, and now that 2 years have passed is down to $80-$150. it’s not 1080 HD, actually 640×480. But it extremely works well for web video and has some features I haven’t seen.

Here’s an example (with some compression issues)
[flash http://d1s6aedyk6vnny.cloudfront.net/insider/TroyNotes_Insider_Welcome.swf w=640 h=570]

Advantages over the Flip series

  • smaller than some of the other flips
  • It’s cheaper $120
  • 7x optical zoom which you can use while shooting.
  • bigger LCD to preview content on.
  • it’s got a built in face tracking mode in the video, so within a small range it appears like you have a person shooting video with you.  It only tracks faces..this rather surprised me when I found this out.
  • is the built in spot light (amazing for a camera so small).    Great if you like working at night (ahem) It’s bright enough to stop ships from crashing into shores..amazing that such a small light can make such a huge difference in the video quality, if you don’t mind having blind spots afterwards.
  • the camera is a decent voice recorder which can come in handy at conferences or out walking.
  • is a decent camera and has a flash which can be used as the synch for multi-camera shoots.

You can occasionally get it online (refurbished) between $120 with shipping and handling and $150.. Just beware many (if not most) people advertising are selling the Ex-V7 which is very similar but had some issues with the shaking correction. But if you are willing to risk it, you can get those even cheaper, like down to $70 on ebay)

GuruCard: Frank Kern of Mass Control Fame

Fast facts:

Frank Kern caught using his patterns of hynotic persuasion on you.
Frank Kern caught in the act of using his voodoo powers of persuasion on you..that or he want to give you a head massage.

Name: Frank Kern

Age: Unknown

Started In Internet Marketing: 2000

Time to Make it: 2 years?

Worth: several-millions

Estimated Yearly Income: 2-5 million*

List Size: 400K in 2008 (non IM)

Location: La Jolla, California

Dogs or Cats: guessing dogs.

Fun Facts

  • 9th worst surfer in Southern California
  • Call of Duty is the equivalent of kryptonite to him
  • Has an arch Nemisis named Spandanko
  • once lost everything to a flood, and later again to the Feds, yet has recovered it all.
  • Is incapable of hearing people unless they wear viking hats.
  • has a production studio named “PEN ISland”.  Ahem.
  • dislikes Ferraris and work.


  • Mass Control 1.0 2007
  • Mass Control 2.0 2009
  • Underachiever method
  • Untra Underachiever 2006
  • Serializer 2005-2006 $1Million
  • Infomillionaire
  • Pipeline Profits (?)

Ninja Skills

  • Strategist and Scheming
  • Creating multimillion dollar campaigns as easy as  most people breathe.
  • Creating pitchfests that are still fun.
  • Can if so provoked be persuasive enough to get people to tattoo penis on their forehead.

Team size

~8*,  2 customer service, 1 bookkeeper, 1 video dude.  NO telemarketers

Official Site

Note: none of this is official or endorsed by the real Frank Kern

* estimated

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GuruCard: Chris Carpenter of Google Cash, and Google Cash Detective Fame

Fast facts:chris_carpenter_surfing_google_cash_detective

Name:  Chris Carpenter

Age: Unknown

Started In Internet Marketing: 2002

Time to make it: 6-8 months

Time spent a week on work: couple hours*

Worth: unknown.

20-50K a month with Direct Linking aka Google Cash.

Location: Pacific Coast South Mexico

Dogs or Cats: 2 Dogs

Fun Facts

  • Avid surfer and boarder.
  • Has invented a sport of using jetskii’s to get more surfs in a day.
  • Heli-snowboards in Alaska with video cam on his helmet.
  • Has a house by the beach in southern Mexico with a built in yoga retreat and private surf spot.
  • Spent $350K of his own money building Google Cash Detective (see the No Bullsh!t Review)



  • AdWords + PPC with Affiliate Networks, in some cases with no landing pages (aka Direct Linking and Google Cash )
  • Product Research on Affiliate and CPA Networks
  • Review Site Outsourcing
  • Advanced PPC Bidding Strategy

Team size

~28 for his work, + 5 or so house hold helpers

Guru Friends

Note: this site is not endorsed by Chris Carpenter

* this denotes data based off sales video, actual mileage may very.

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