GuruCard: Perry Belcher

Fast facts:

Name: Perry Belcher

Perry Belcher in his Spiderman Action stance, his sales funnel (web) has captured 80-100Million in sales!
Perry Belcher in his Spiderman Action stance, and power Einstein shirt. This man is Dangerous! His sales funnel (web) has captured $80-$100Million in sales!

Age: 50’s?

Started In Internet Marketing: About 20 second after it was possible.

Time to Make 1st Million: done it several times in different industries.


Estimated Yearly Income: 2 million* (reset to $0 2007ish)

List Size: ?

Location: Austin, TX

Dogs or Cats: guessing dogs…big ones.

Fun Facts

  • won a 1965 Lincoln off of Frank Kern, for being the top Mass Control affiliate
  • owns like 10 guitars and is so good he can play them all at the same time
  • Has a luxury yacht (okay it’s a beat up boat he got for a few hundred dollars)
  • once lost everything to the Feds, yet kept going.
  • has shirts so loud they have been known to blind people.
  • has sold just about everything, including hot dog carts.
  • not related to Perry Marshall.
  • recently retired from IM training of all sorts (deleted his twitter of 100K users!/100K year!)


  • Social Media Matrix
  • Social Media Mastery
  • Get Money From Google (with Ryan Deiss)
  • 13 Email Secrets (with Ryan Deiss)

Ninja Skills

  • Entertaining and Informative Content
  • importing
  • Social Media (130K followers in 9 months)
  • Breadth of Experience, he’s sold live, jewelry and even hot dog carts

Team size


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Note: none of this is official or endorsed by the real Perry Belcher
* estimated

Perry Belcher is coming clean after losing everything

If you are confused by Twitter, Facebook and want to understand how to leverage Social Media to get more traffic and leads, you should pay attention.

Imagine amazing success: owning the cars and house of your dreams, $30Million a year in just one business, then losing it all. ..start by having policeman show up at your door, all your assets seized, cars taken away, businesses doors locked up!   That exactly happened to Perry, listen to his story first hand here:

That video,  by the way is an awesome use of the C in the A.C.E.S. method or generating user trust. Kudos to Perry, and what support from the community, at the time of this writing over 150 comments!

From $0 to $100K month in under a year

So if you were in Perry’s situation, what would you do?

Since he had to start all over, there wasn’t much money to focus on expensive PPC or difficult SEO.  So Perry focused on low cost social media, and built it up to about $100K/month w in under a year, without spending anything on PPC or complicated SEO.    Most -even major gurus- don’t make anything on Social Media at all.  This shows you if you know what your doing you can achieve amazing things.

This is Perry's Master Social Media Deathgrip.

Perry will be sharing his secrets in his new course: Social Media Matrix.

There is already some great prelaunch content 2 videos and 2 PDF mindmaps.   As typical Perry tried everything to see what the boundaries were.  That research (which even got him banned from Facebook for a bit) has taken about a year to put together.

Unlike the crowded PPC and SEO markets, social media, is still in the early infancy, so it’s a great time to get in.

Perry knows a ton aobut direct marketing.  I’ve already learned a lot from information that he and Ryan Deiss have shared across their many IM related products at reasonable costs.  I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Perry live at Frank Kern’s SD pitchfest seminar.

There I got access to an earlier version of the course, the course itself was typical Perry Belcher. Entertaining, a bit unorganized and under produced (from my tastes) but delivering solid actionable information, which you can use with solid results. This version should be even better.

…all using free traffic

If you are interested in using social media to get free traffic, you should check out the free launch content, if you know nothing about social media it will get you started,  and get in on the early list.

P.S.   Frank Kern had a similar reset happen, which is a great warning on how to pick markets and properly make disclaimers!!

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