List Control Launch- Observations

So if you’re like me you’ve probably getting bombarded by everybody, their brother, their dog with ticks and fleas all promoting List Control.  There is not a single link in this as I’m not selling it.  Just wanted to point out my observations.

First this Launch has had some of the largest bonuses I’ve ever seen some claiming to be  3x-10x the value of the product.  Probably because list building in and of itself is not rocket can be summarized by Frank in a single sentence:

Find what makes people happy, give it to them, and then sell them things that make them happier.

There are other list productions and email, to get to that point of being worth $2K means a lot has to be added on.

Ulterior motives central.


Four Day Cash Machine: while a solid tactic, note just how many guru’s promoting actually ran the offer recently?   This was part of Mass Control 2.0, in the ning forum a few people tried it, some had decent luck others got nasty grams from their list.  It really depends on how much rapport you have with your list, and how often you are communicating with them. If you talk like Frank then using his swipe copy is great, but if you don’t you may come across like somebody you’re not.  However it is a good tactic to have what I call portable products, that can be repurposed for different things. A stand alone product, a bundle with other things, a bribe in the future.

The CoreInfluence presentation,  which I found a -lifechanging- if  long-winded egocentric presentation, was originally to be shipped on DVD, but due to ‘production issues’, they just put it online, which is where the proving ground for the good karma machine giveaway in video 3 and the 476 double optins a day they cited as proof in the video.

I actually prefer online certainly don’t need another DVD copy (I have two already) but makes me wonder were there really production issues or was this desire to use the plugin and get the proof WAS the production issue? I don’t really care either way, just looking for truth in advertising.

While the plugin is a good strategy (a viral friend inviter, Frank private labelled).  How replicateable is that if the proof was gotten in this launch?  Launches are a form of inspiring temporary insanity (which is kinda what Launches/Mass Control are all about), much of the momentum for anything is riding on that.   When Elvis leaves the building can anybody just take the mic and stage lights to put on the same show?

The surprise bonus is  3 live days of training in San Diego, which will be filmed. I have been to Frank’s events before and they are fun, though Mass Control 2.0 was a pitch fest, getting people in the limited seats, makes those products prevalidated. You can hear the dialog in a quarter from now “these information was a sold out event, exclusive to people who spent $2K” so

It will force Frank to create 3 new products in the process, he gains the energy from the crowd so will do a better job, the DVD’s/videos will hopefully carry that energy.

Kajabi and the rise of the ASP.

The whole launch is running on Kajabi.  So again this launch (which say 500×2000 = $1Million EASY likely 3x that) . will be used, it wouldn’t surprise me if they have $50-$100Million in launches under Kajabi’s belt before they launch it..whenever that happens.  This isn’t a bad thing, but does make me wonder what’s beyond that.

Kajabi appears to be another step in the ‘growing up’ of the internet marketing community. The rise of the ASP (application Service providers).  In the tech space (where I come from) melting a server is likely to cost you and your team your job.  Here in the IM community though it’s viewed as a trophy of sorts as most don’t have enough traffic to even harm a host shared with 1000’s of others. So to the degree that Kajabi takes away that more power to them, and the better it is for this industry.

Kajabi has some interesting choices, I can’t tell if it’s good or bad.  They disallow people to put url’s in the comments field.  But given it’s a group of people that are all excited, all want attention, all are marketers, people just put the links in plain text instead.  Second where there are complaints or questions people reply to each other (even though there’s no notification). I understand that Kajabi is trying to keep the conversation on the topic of the lauch, but can’t help but wonder if they are missing the elements.  Slashdot and Digg have had this problem for years, in many ways getting on either of those sites is like a launch in the IM community, instant attention.  How they deal with trolls, questions etc via votes seems a less authorarian way to do it.

Magic Bullet System and Google Conversion Optimizer are also similar.

One of Frank’s core strategies

Do the opposite/unexpected, in the last video they changed from darks on whites, to lights on dark.

I’ve been thinking alot about Proof and Reputation lately.  I’ve noticed studying launch after launch that as

One of the facts that they pointed out was Frank made like $8-9Million last year. Mostly off of Internet Marketing related how to products, services (e.g. Mass Control Monthly at $10K/mo), consulting ($100K up front, 15% of results…on a launch like Magic Bullet this was a very nice chuck

Here’s another factor I use in my buying decisions.

Have I fully finished and gotten a return the products I already own.

Will the strategy work in my niche, e.g. Frank is celebrity based selling, might not work if you have a “I’ve got water, and they are thirsty” type product.

Is the information available in other places..odds are yes.

Will I absolutely have to have this information in the next month (when the training happens)

Will it likely be rereleased 6-12 months from now (e.g. List Control 2.0), might it be a better product then?

Could I use that $2K to generate higher ROI by using it on 1) more traffic, 2) creating products  3) hiring staff  ($2K is about 5 months of a high end Phillipino assistant, or 2.5 if you have 2-3).

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Google is Dying…

Strange statement to make but I’ve seen a few trends so thought I would report on it.

Here’s a great article to start “Why Google won’t survive Facebook

I know several top teir IM gurus that have in the last couple years sold all their SEO sites, given up on Adsense, and some are making $6k-10K/day without google and even without facebook.

Why? because SEO is dying and things are moving over to the social graph.

A social graph is fancy way of saying, a place where people know and like each other hang out. People have relationships to other people, and other things (interests, products), this can be described by a system of nodes and links, like:


or better yet

(Troy)—dislike–>(canned spinach)

If you imagine this web, tugging on one ripples through the rest.  Do it correctly the social graph carries the message farther.

The trends on why this has come to be is interesting, and I don’t think it’s going away. Which is important if your business is based off the internet.

Google is screwed

As the internet became the new gold mine and search the road to riches, everybody is trying to game it. I know a few in the SEO game, people with 10K+ sites they run for the purpose of backlinking, and even non-IM upto 300 primary sites to target different terms, with content factories, outputting heavily spun content.  Meaning these single people have the same pull online of a small city.

The game of “king of the hill of backlinks” will never end, as there is always someone hungrier, and a way to automate better . Every year the tools get more sophisticated, so we are seeing an arms race, between google, and people marketers using SEO as well as marketers between themselves.

It can’t easily be fixed, as the substrate of the internet technology that was never meant for this sort of problem.

The SCALE of this gamed content is a beyond a tsunami. As well there is another tsunami of just more normal people getting connected to the net and capturing their thoughts, via text,photos, video, positions 24/7…like my former roomate who would continue to talk even if noone was listening, without ever reaching a point, I shudder to think what would happen if she ever gets a smarthphone.

To make matters “worse” with syndication tools everybody has a megaphone and their voice echos on many different sites, that has to be sorted out by search engines.

To make matters worse both tsunami’s are growing exponentially. Google can’t keep up.

Also Google is a for profit business.

Google wants quality results else they lose you the reader and the advertiser, but that is both expensive and intractable, so they either cut ends or don’t do it.

For awhile they had human reviewers cultivate what’s relevant (thus the many google slaps), but they can’t scale those people as fast as the content is coming in. As far as I know they’ve let most of them go as they are too expensive, and there is simply too much content, and even the humans could be gamed (cloaking or just posting at “off” hours).

To cut down on the noise…they started generating their own content, and guess who they favor in the search engines?

To increase profits and sidestep the game, they show special search results at the top…with their affiliate links. Which they said they wouldn’t do, but did they have a choice?

Both indexing pages (trying to understand the contents), rank against all the other pages, for all the other terms, and finding the right one during search are very expensive operations. While I have no doubt that they have some super genius people with some algorithm to stop spam, cure cancer etc, they can’t afford to actually run these. As it is google has to negotiate with cities to get enough power for the massive data centers, and watch carefully how much power + heat these algorithms run so they don’t burn up.

This is why social graphs are winning, they are cheaper and more explicit to what users actually want…to find friends, friends of friends and what their friends like.  If we are introduced to a mystery person, and find they are good friends with 2 pigs and 1 bad wolf, we have a good idea of what the mystery person might be into.

It’s cheaper, much of the overhead on indexing, and search goes away, as these relationships are already described by the graph data rather than having to be discovered in the noise.

As the graph represents real people (typically) with real reputations/identities to protect, it’s less likely to change and be gamed.

The “place where people hang” out is where people live. People don’t hang out at grocery stores, it’s not fun. I use google but I don’t have a relationship with it like my friends.

Is your business prepared for a world without google?

This is not to say that google isn’t massive and a viable business, and this change will happen tomorrow.  Still, if you are in this for the long term. Are you prepared for a business without google?

Let’s Do Dinner Shenanigans…

Both Amish and Trey this year are putting on “mastermind” dinners. $1K a plate for a few “lucky” souls to attend.  See for yourself (no affiliate link) (nice down to earth vid Trey!)

Now in the “real” world,  if I invite people out to dinner,  I usually offer to pay… not the other way around.  This is true of some of the most successful people I’ve met too.   They want people outside the circle as that’s where growth comes from.  But the wacky IM world works in reverse apparently, got to keep things inside “the family”.

But consider this a ” buy your favorite rock star a drink, and get to party with the them” hazing ritual.   If you have something of value to bring, some good jokes/stories, AND you believe you can pull a JV that works out with these guys, $1-2K  for 2 nights dinner is chump change.  I’d say go, it might change your life, as has every conference I’ve attended even when I didn’t know why I was going (and still often don’t).  I can say that strange amazing unpredictable things happen, but mostly OUTSIDE the conference…especially when it’s still going on.

Logistically the odds of getting these bonified IM gurus (and some false prophets) in the same place that you can actually talk to them is 1-2 times a year rare if ever, and when having fun and buzzed they are very candid and many will talk about anything you’ll never hear in a product. You get to see them off stage/camera and who are real and who are posing.      While I have no doubt that next June somebody will likely find another reason to put on a event at the Hard Rock, but I’m reasonably confident it won’t be Magic Bullet put on by Amish and Jay, for reasons they will probably announce at the event.

If you can’t go it’s not the end of the world,  it’s not impossible to talk to many of these people at any other time than the conference, when the groupies are after them…if you have something of value to bring to them.

However a more pragmatic question as to the whether or not it’s a good idea to spend the cash, is after the end of a long day or two or 3 of conferences, with libations (doesn’t take that many $1K attendees to keep it flowing all night), the creme de la creme of the IM mafia in town only for a few days…away from parental and family obligations…, if anybody is going to not be sh*tfaced enough to remember either of the nights or who you are ..or if you’ll remember anything either 😀

Going to these events tend to be sort of a high speed blur, even when fully awake+ caffeinated.