The Corks: Video#3, Bob goes to U2 and Chuck out of Luck

Hey Frank,

This page is just for you.

The following video is a sketch just done last night, not a finished script , called The Corks, it’s a story arc using wine bottle corks for the puppets in a Puppet Theater style.  (this is what happens when I get drunk with sharpies lying around…)

It follows Chuck the cork’s journey from miserable corporate drone, to successful internet business owner.   His niche is dog training, and Spot the wonderdog plays some fun parts.

TheTheCorks 003 characters are Bob (highly successful arrogant self centered but fun to party with and protector), Wife Shawna, Chuck and then Spot the wonder dog.

This is around episode4, after Chuck has gotten a site up and discovered webinar, but not replays.

[flash w=600]

Also Here’s your GuruCard Frank I mentioned, let me know if my facts are too far off.

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