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What’s the Best Bonus for Amish Shah’s “The Magic Bullet System”?

If your interested in getting it, several of the guru’s are putting out bonuses that would add to the value. I’ve seen many online but here are a few of my favorites.

The “Magic Bullet System” BONUS List

John Cow (only 25 bonuses)

  1. Private, closed door “CPA Money Fast-Track” teleseminar with Amish Shaw
  2. Private, CPA Money Mastermind Think-Tank
  3. LIFETIME ACCESS to PPC Kahuna (worth several thousand dollars)

I suspect that the fast-track seminar will cover the material already in the 8 weeks of training. I’ve gotten alot out of the masterminds that I’m in.

Get that Magic Bullet System with John Cow’s Bonuses here

Jeff Johnson’s Bonus

I just got off the phone with Amish and I’ll definitley be adding my own twists to his magic bullet system software as part of my bonus. The funny thing about the software is that it’s really as much an SEO tool as it is a PPC tool.”

Jeff clearly knows SEO and affiliate sales, but he’s a bit hard to follow and hasn’t announced his bonus in details. But you can find out what it will be when it’s revealed here on Jeff Johnsons Underground Affiliate site.

Post a comment if you have a bonus you think I should be checking out.

Also check out the 7 Sneaky Tactics used in Frank Kern in the $1,498,500+ “Magic Bullet System” Launch

7 Sneaky Tactics used in Frank Kern in the $1,498,500+ “Magic Bullet System” Launch

I’m going to cover some of the sneaky tatics used in this well executed Amish, Classic Kern Mass Control.

If you want to get the best training for marketing, just watch what the gurus are doing as they are using the latest tactics on you is what they are using. Frequently selling you what they did as next years course (1 year stale…). As a great plus, studying the material is free! even if you have to supply your own manual, but really given the amount of crap that most IM training consists of, it’s kinda like supply your own manual anyway.

Here are some I’ve noticed from this very well run campaign.

1) The sales process is getting more sneaky indirect: The first launch video was actually Frank Kern’s “State of The Internet Address” (278 comments) Amish and CPA was introduced almost like an offhand comment. No link mentioned, but priming the pump, because people are smart enough to be able to type a couple words into a web search (e.g. searching Amish CPA brings up his webpage 2nd hit)

2) Go Offline I actually got an hour DVD from Amish and Frank. I’ve actually gotten 4 mailings from Frank in my physical mail the last 3 months! All things are multi-k prices. Honestly I enjoyed a real DVD as I was unplugged from the PC + all the distractions that happens when I’m watching web video.

3) Go long but spaced out. All said and done I think I’ve seen about 3hours of video! across the various 6 launch videos each about 20 minutes. Contrast this to how much time you spend reading a sales letter if you read at all.

4) Train instead of Sell Each of the launch videos was talking and training in a highly replicateable fashion. Meaning anybody who watches the first 2 videos could clone the campaigns they showed. But they can’t clone the results for a few sneaky reasons they don’t cover. Two things they don’t cover is that they get a low cost per click based on getting so much traffic by leveraging all the tricks they know on the content network + banner ads. That the doubling of the profits was from the tool pruning and reallocating adverstising dollars. MORE money is made by pruning than by be getting more words.

5) Throwing away the Sales Page Note that they are skipping the sales page in favor of the adrenaline pumped infomercial…that’s what it is! The only thing it’s missing is the phone number to call now. The copy is littered with lots of hot buttons “get’s results, does it for you, delivers on a silver platter”. as any good tool pitch should do. I expect to see more of that in the future.

6) the product isn’t the point. This shows how the industry is changing. Like the game of monopoly as many people are trying to get a single roof over their head people in the game 5-8 years have teams of 10-20 and $250K tools looking to build their own networks.

But this is great, Amish can be relaxed about the pitch, as he is not scarcity minded…he doesn’t need the sale and people can pick up that. Amish and Jay’s real reason is they are trying to launch a CPA company. That way can give away all this stuff as in the long term they make way more money off the CPA company and obviously if the are able to do what they give away in the videos are doing better than 98% of the affiliates out there. This is a sneaky tactic, Frank calls “Low Self Esteem Success Chance” meaning in this case if the campaign was doing $500 a day, most people would be perfectly happy getting 10% of that, which seems ‘doable’.

7) Always Do the Unexpected. If you say you get 5 things, give them 1-2 extra. If you say that the official start time is noon, create an early bird list, and then email the evening before claiming to “test the servers”.

8)ASSEMBLE + TWEAK rather than CREATE which not a tactic for marketing, it’s a somewhat non-obvious tactic that isn’t used by most. great it largely leverages things that already exist, reducing the risk. A common failure I see is people either creating 90%+ everything from scratch in a vain attempt trying to be original, or creating nothing (PLR junk). This is a common problem people think they need to create so much website, database, products, when most everything has been done to some degree already. What exists is the best to start with for split testing as it takes a lot of work just to exist and be found.

The Real Reason Behind Amish’s “The Magic Bullet System” Revealled

So tomorrow morning Amish’s so called “Magic Bullet System” launches at noon. *insert drum roll*.

If you’ve been following along I’m sure many of you are excited by all the buzz and hype. Stop that! (for at least next 2 minutes). Before you shell out $5K ask yourself if it’s going to be another “hope lottery” ticket sitting on your shelf like some of those $2k courses you bought last year that you never implemented. Even if this system is better and does automate much of the grunt work, as magic as this system might be it doesn’t press the buttons for you, it doesn’t magically find your offers, it doesn’t come with an increased credit limit, it doesn’t guarantee acceptance into the various CPA networks or Media Buy. It doesn’t delivery money onto your bankaccount (though that would rock).

They released the final launch video Released today on the magic bullet system site, they finally announced the price of $2997 or 4 pay of $797 ($3188) and 2 two bonus modules taking it up from 6 to 8 weeks of training. Note I say more like $5K as you will still hosting, PPC budget, and if you get into media buys at least $1K to realistically get started.

They also reveal the real reason why they are doing this, as Amish and Jay have a new CPA network they are looking to get the most people onto, and they give free entry into that as they know many solo affiliate operators won’t be able to get into the door of the CPA networks.

It’s brillinat, they are getting paid over a milllion dollars to help train their CPA army in the exact strategies they want. To put it into perspective this launch if all 500 copies are sold is $1,498,500 (about half I’m sure go to affiliates), Amish and Jay show that they have occasional $100K days, and that’s just one of them. The CPA network doesn’t have the risk, and they get paid, plus they have other related tracking services that I’m sure people will need. Like I’m sure that this amazing software they are offering is not something you install on your own servers..who’s paying for it and how long?

When it comes to the offer, they are doing the classic Frank Kern style External Threat of 91K potential people on the opt-in going to buy it,…I call bullshit here. I bet they are referring to the number of people who opted in to see the first + second video, not including duplicates. This doesn’t mean that 91K people all have $3K and are sitting outside the front door fogging up the glass.

I’d wager that the ‘cut in line list’ is more like 2-4K. I’m betting since they are using a scarcity of 500 slots seems good that they will sell out within an under 3 hours, since everybody is promoting it, and unlike the info products out there, this was actually does automate most of the steps most people don’t like to do.

There no questions asked 100% refund without a timeframe. Not that most people even if unhappy would return it.

Click here to see the Best Bonuses I’ve found (not mine!) for The Magic Bullet System

Also check out the 7 Sneaky Tactics used in Frank Kern in the $1,498,500+ “Magic Bullet System” Launch