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Google Cash Detective and Google Cash Automator No BullSh!t Review + Video

This is a NoBullSh!t Review that covers Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash Detective (aka GCD, gcdetective) + Google Cash Automator (aka GCA, gcautomator).

It is a big package so this review is going to take a bit of time to cover completely and objectively, this will happen across multi-part review so you can jump around.  Here is what is inside the Google Cash Detective Membership:

  • Google Cash Detective Tool
  • Google Cash Automator
  • Several times a week Live Training
  • Google Cash Home Study Course videos
  • Monthly Landing Page
  • Free support
  • Moderated Forum of several thousand posts
  • Google Cash Revolution

The focus is on Google Cash Detective (aka GCD), while a powerful tool, since It is not a cheap eBook, it is definitely not right for everybody. Since it has some bright spots and some blemishes, and the sales pages are filled with hype, you will want to pay attention.

At the end, you will have a clear picture of what you are getting into, to make the decision if GCD is right for you.

GCD is a small membership site, that has been closed for months but GCD has reopened for an unknown limited period.  Therefore, provided they are still accepting new members, you will have an opportunity to buy it and when you get it through my affiliate link. I will be throwing my well-received TroyNotes of GCD as a bonus to jumpstart you.

About Me:

While you can find more about me in the about tab.  Unlike the hordes of scammy affiliate sites out there I looked at prior to writing this review, I actually use Google Cash Detective on a regular basis.  Here is why I am qualified to give you a NoBullSh!t Review:

  • I have used GCD for months (and GCA too, though I’ve stopped using it).
  • I actively use it in my own profitable businesses outside the Internet Marketing space.
  • I actively participate on the GCD forums seeing others success and triumphs.
  • I’ve been through most of the training (there is quite a bit) and have summarize the key points in the TroyNotes.
  • Since I make money off my other niche products, my opinions can’t be bought. I hate hype.

The Review covers 6 Key Areas

  • What is it?
  • How do I benefit from it?
  • Where did it come from, how does it work, and where is it going?
  • How well are other people doing using it?
  • How would I use it, and what can’t you do with it?
  • Is it right for my business?

We’ll cover each in a page. So without further ado lets’s go:

CLICK to watch the Video Tour:  (5 min)