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GuruCard: Frank Kern of Mass Control Fame

Fast facts:

Frank Kern caught using his patterns of hynotic persuasion on you.
Frank Kern caught in the act of using his voodoo powers of persuasion on you..that or he want to give you a head massage.

Name: Frank Kern

Age: Unknown

Started In Internet Marketing: 2000

Time to Make it: 2 years?

Worth: several-millions

Estimated Yearly Income: 2-5 million*

List Size: 400K in 2008 (non IM)

Location: La Jolla, California

Dogs or Cats: guessing dogs.

Fun Facts

  • 9th worst surfer in Southern California
  • Call of Duty is the equivalent of kryptonite to him
  • Has an arch Nemisis named Spandanko
  • once lost everything to a flood, and later again to the Feds, yet has recovered it all.
  • Is incapable of hearing people unless they wear viking hats.
  • has a production studio named “PEN ISland”.  Ahem.
  • dislikes Ferraris and work.


  • Mass Control 1.0 2007
  • Mass Control 2.0 2009
  • Underachiever method
  • Untra Underachiever 2006
  • Serializer 2005-2006 $1Million
  • Infomillionaire
  • Pipeline Profits (?)

Ninja Skills

  • Strategist and Scheming
  • Creating multimillion dollar campaigns as easy as  most people breathe.
  • Creating pitchfests that are still fun.
  • Can if so provoked be persuasive enough to get people to tattoo penis on their forehead.

Team size

~8*,  2 customer service, 1 bookkeeper, 1 video dude.  NO telemarketers

Official Site

Note: none of this is official or endorsed by the real Frank Kern

* estimated

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