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Google is Dying…

Strange statement to make but I’ve seen a few trends so thought I would report on it.

Here’s a great article to start “Why Google won’t survive Facebook

I know several top teir IM gurus that have in the last couple years sold all their SEO sites, given up on Adsense, and some are making $6k-10K/day without google and even without facebook.

Why? because SEO is dying and things are moving over to the social graph.

A social graph is fancy way of saying, a place where people know and like each other hang out. People have relationships to other people, and other things (interests, products), this can be described by a system of nodes and links, like:


or better yet

(Troy)—dislike–>(canned spinach)

If you imagine this web, tugging on one ripples through the rest.  Do it correctly the social graph carries the message farther.

The trends on why this has come to be is interesting, and I don’t think it’s going away. Which is important if your business is based off the internet.

Google is screwed

As the internet became the new gold mine and search the road to riches, everybody is trying to game it. I know a few in the SEO game, people with 10K+ sites they run for the purpose of backlinking, and even non-IM upto 300 primary sites to target different terms, with content factories, outputting heavily spun content.  Meaning these single people have the same pull online of a small city.

The game of “king of the hill of backlinks” will never end, as there is always someone hungrier, and a way to automate better . Every year the tools get more sophisticated, so we are seeing an arms race, between google, and people marketers using SEO as well as marketers between themselves.

It can’t easily be fixed, as the substrate of the internet technology that was never meant for this sort of problem.

The SCALE of this gamed content is a beyond a tsunami. As well there is another tsunami of just more normal people getting connected to the net and capturing their thoughts, via text,photos, video, positions 24/7…like my former roomate who would continue to talk even if noone was listening, without ever reaching a point, I shudder to think what would happen if she ever gets a smarthphone.

To make matters “worse” with syndication tools everybody has a megaphone and their voice echos on many different sites, that has to be sorted out by search engines.

To make matters worse both tsunami’s are growing exponentially. Google can’t keep up.

Also Google is a for profit business.

Google wants quality results else they lose you the reader and the advertiser, but that is both expensive and intractable, so they either cut ends or don’t do it.

For awhile they had human reviewers cultivate what’s relevant (thus the many google slaps), but they can’t scale those people as fast as the content is coming in. As far as I know they’ve let most of them go as they are too expensive, and there is simply too much content, and even the humans could be gamed (cloaking or just posting at “off” hours).

To cut down on the noise…they started generating their own content, and guess who they favor in the search engines?

To increase profits and sidestep the game, they show special search results at the top…with their affiliate links. Which they said they wouldn’t do, but did they have a choice?

Both indexing pages (trying to understand the contents), rank against all the other pages, for all the other terms, and finding the right one during search are very expensive operations. While I have no doubt that they have some super genius people with some algorithm to stop spam, cure cancer etc, they can’t afford to actually run these. As it is google has to negotiate with cities to get enough power for the massive data centers, and watch carefully how much power + heat these algorithms run so they don’t burn up.

This is why social graphs are winning, they are cheaper and more explicit to what users actually want…to find friends, friends of friends and what their friends like.  If we are introduced to a mystery person, and find they are good friends with 2 pigs and 1 bad wolf, we have a good idea of what the mystery person might be into.

It’s cheaper, much of the overhead on indexing, and search goes away, as these relationships are already described by the graph data rather than having to be discovered in the noise.

As the graph represents real people (typically) with real reputations/identities to protect, it’s less likely to change and be gamed.

The “place where people hang” out is where people live. People don’t hang out at grocery stores, it’s not fun. I use google but I don’t have a relationship with it like my friends.

Is your business prepared for a world without google?

This is not to say that google isn’t massive and a viable business, and this change will happen tomorrow.  Still, if you are in this for the long term. Are you prepared for a business without google?

FTC updates rules for bloggers and social media

If you are using your blog or twitter or other social media to sell or promote stuff you should read the new update, where the FTC addresses the many questions since the new vague regulations last December. Read that here:


If you’re not aware, The FTC is the United States Federal Trade Commission and they are basically responsible for protecting consumers from predatory or deceptive marketing tactics.  e.g. smoking is safe and healthy! is a lie and as much as the tobacco industry might  like to say that to sell more, they can’t and it’s the FTC among others who try to keep things clean.

The FTC have been in existence for much longer than the internet, 1914 to be exact.   The underlying law hasn’t changed much in intent: Protect Consumers.     The rise of the internet new forms of marketing and distribution (e.g. blogging and twitter) have arisen and the regulations have had to be updated as there hasn’t been anything quite like them before. e.g. what can you say in a tweet of 140 characters?

Last year that updated the regulations to cover flogs (fake blogs), with fake testimonials, and also for normal popular bloggers that were getting free products, cash or other compensation for doing a review of a product.  If you have kids you can imagine how you learn to trust a fellow mom or dad to give objective advise, if they were a Schill, you should be aware that their motive for telling you about a product might be tainted with their desire to make money from it.

The problem for marketers/affiliates was that they FTC were pretty vague about what they actually wanted, and what the consquences were.  This lack of information allowed all sorts of hype and myths to arise.    This was so intimidating that many major courses chose to lauch early to bypass the regulation, and after the passing many pro bloggers adopted either a wait and see attitude to let other less cautions people get sued by the FTC first, or went hogwild with disclaimers bigger than the core message they were trying to deliver.

FTC they listened and compiled the common questions an answered them in that new post, that is a much saner picture, They aren’t a Big Brother watching every blog, if you get something wrong they aren’t going to take your first born, and will take problems case by case.

So if you are selling or promoting anything on the internet, please read it for your own protection. It’s a single page.  Read it here.


Gurus can look so goofy, but when you drive this much traffic apparently… it’s okay. [VIDEO]

Zeus, Hades, Poseidon.. Names ring a bell?

If you studied ancient mythology, you know these ancient gods were once the foundation
of a civilization, and generally were thought to kick ass.
Each had unique powers to rule their respective part of the world.
  • Zeus controlled the elusive lightning of the heavens.
  • Hades controlled gold and the underworld.
  • Poseidon controlled the ephemeral water covering most the planet.

Translated into today’s marketing, these 3 powers still exist.

Mastering them can get you god like powers, and even your own slavish fan club.
  • Lightning is SEO (aka) organic, it’s free as rain, very powerful if you get right..and damn ellusive to catch.
  • Gold is Paid Traffic, get it right buy your way anywhere, get it wrong and you endup broke in Hades, with no easy way out.
  • Water is Social Media, always changing, always flowing, everywhere.
While calling themselves “Titans of Traffic“, and looking rather silly on this video floating in the sky:
These gurus classify as demigods of Traffic at least.
They are from left to right, Keith Baxter, Jon Shugart, and Joey Smith.
Their super powers are SEO, Paid Traffic and Social Media respectively.

This could be Epic Traffic..

At least that’s what they are calling it.
Yes this is a launch, unlike most this one is largely about automation and tools instead of just infojunk.  Plus these guys actually make full time livings outside of training this stuff. Which is probably why they are a little awkward on camera.
A few of your have asked me what SEO tricks I’ve learned.  Keith is one of my favorite gurus these days, primarily as the SEO system he uses was mind blowing to me and I got sick of google’s PPC shenanigans.   I know from listening to Keith, these guys have spent a ton on this launch and are GIVING away valuable software, including some of the KILLER WordPress plugins they use (and I use as well, plus a few of my own enhancements).

They are going to be giving away training every day this week

on each subject SEO, Paid Media, and Social Marketing.

“Twitter Cash/Traffic Method” [VIDEO]

Joey is kicking things off surfing the near instant Twitter Traffic wave to get paid today. With his presentation

In that video you’ll learn how to
  1. Find hot targeted prospects using Twitter Search
  2. Get your offers in front of them PROPERLY then drive traffic.
While the first should be common knowledge by now, so many people do that last part wrong, which make it easy for you to beat them if you follow Joey’s tactics.
Cheers and Beers,