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Video Sales Pages with synchronized elements.

Hey Guys,

Most of you know now that video sales pages are crushing it
especially compared to long form sales letters.

One great trick is showing hidden elements at the right time.
Like optins and or buy buttons (e.g the UBB)
The has the benefit, people focus on your message
rather than searching for the price.

Doing this requires script, and doing it correctly
requires special script, that’s hard.

So I developed one and a wizard that makes this easy.
It synchronizes one or multiple calls to action to a video,
unlike others, it keeps perfect synch with the video
even if it’s paused or rewound.
The the call to actions are also completely hidden.

Here is a demo video on the first version over a year ago.
Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

It’s proven, you’ve likely seen others using the approach
in major launches.
I believe in it so much, I’ve never had a sales page without it.
I’ve even licensed the tech to some major gurus
for several thousands of dollars who white label it.

We’ve added many things since then
including HTML5 video (ipad, ipod), preloading, bandwidth detection.
google analytics etc.

Now I’m looking at letting others like YOU play with it, but I need your help.

In the process want to develop a course on video sales letters
how to best use them, and any other questions
like what specific questions you have on creating video,
hosting video, integrating it, etc.
How to use this Magipage script for sales, powerful video surveys,
single time offers, A/B testing etc.

As well as what I need to do to make it easy to use,
as I know many of your aren’t techies
and need all the help you can get,
so will even make my tech team available to you if choosen.

So I’m looking for 7 people with *existing* sales pages  and existing sales, that are willing to do A/B split tests to figure out how much better this performs over their existing page.  You’ll get the script for free and help from my team and myself getting it in place.

If interested please leave me a comment below,with why you think you’re a good candidate, and if desired include your phone or skype.

Get the Ultimate Belcher Button (UBB) with Rollover effects

It’s big, it’s ugly, it’s proven to get 35%-320% conversion over other buttons. Odds are you’ve probably seen it…and now the infamous Perry Belcher button is even better.

How do you take something that well tested and make it better? Watch this short 1 minute video for a preview:
[flash http://www.troynotes.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/troynotes_ultimate_belcher_button.swf w=550 h=300]

4 ways the Ultimate Belcher Button (U.B.B.) is Better than the original

1) Figure out what you shouldn’t take out .   Start by listening to Perry’s great video on why each element in the Perry Belcher Button is important and how they synergistically work together, don’t change what’s proven to work,  unless you have time and money to do split test 10-100K combinations.   Unlike the others out there I didn’t remove anything that impacts conversions.

2) Make it Interactive: Images are so static..and dead, half the time I can’t tell if it’s clickable or not. It’s nice to be reassured I’m actually over something via clear continous feedback visually and auditorially.    I come from a background of making video games and I demand that buttons be button like, having rollover and press visual states. As this warriors forum post will attest, I’m not alone in knowing these subtle things can increase conversion. so this has nifty liquid rollover effects in the button not possible in CSS and hyperlink also has rollover and hit states.  You can see those in action in the video or by hovering over the opt-in form at the upper right which has a similar button.

Added a rollover green border from the Conversion Doctors tip, possibly because green is associated with go, but also that green and red are opposites so is a good way of reducing page blindness.

3) Put it on a diet: Perry’s Jpeg is bit big at 28KB,  Plain version is 11KB static 16KB (reconfigurable price).  While it’s possible to create something close in css/html, or a stripped down version here they are all missing important features that add to the bottom line, if you’re going to use might as well get the whole thing.   By careful use of Flash not only is it half that size (20KB) it has many more features.

4) Make it scale: jpeg’s and gifs don’t scale well.  Sales buttons need to be able to fit anywhere.  Flash vector graphics and text in the Ultimate Belcher Button can scale cleanly up and down, from tiny to giant:


(not shown in the video) Updated the credit cards to used a cleaned up graphic from http://www.credit-card-logos.com/ which also shaved off some size and reduced the jpg dithering in the original, flash does an okay job smoothing images so these look fine until you make it way bigger…can’t imagine why you’d want to do that.

How do you get the Ultimate Belcher Button?

Well right now you can’t, It’s been built for the the new intellinar service, which I can’t say much about right now as it’s still in stealth mode, but obviously if we’ve gone to this detail to get conversions up on a single button you can imagine how what we are doing to the rest of the service for your sales.

Update: I have a version that works in html and javascript available to my Troynotes Insider members with a video instruction guide. So opt-in on the upper right, and you’ll get a copy in your email, also you’ll get access to updates on it (we are adding sound and paypal).

Oh the new opt-in uses the same style button.

P.S. If I get 30 comments on this post, I’ll make it available to everyone for free.

P.P.S. I tried to let Perry have it, but he has left the IM to focus on his businesses, if so this button is dedicated to the big shiny money getting occasionally rude man who helped me get my start…this button is allot like him 🙂