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Ask me your questions on web video and you will recieve…

Quality Answers and Utilities at no to low cost, to make your life easier..so you can focus on what counts making content and making sales.

Listen I know you’ve got questions on video on the web,  I know a lot and I want to answer them -I’ve already started as you can see in the previous few posts.

I’m doing this because I’m pissed off.  I’ve been astounded by how much bullshit there is when it comes to getting your videos on your website, and how complicated many make it.  And I want you to succeed and for that to happen, you can’t afford to spend weeks or months getting your sites up…as has happened to several of my friends and masterminders.

I know there is a lot of pieces ( video, video players, video conversion, video hosting, etc), but it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive as others might have you believe.

I really want to get you guys focused on what matters…getting your content up on the web and making conversions rather than spending time on video nuts and bolts.

So here’s the deal.  Post a comment and ask any question on web video and I’ll answer it for you free.  My goal is to create a solid set of tutorials on this site to not only answer your question but also get those outsourcers you use up to speed.  At my consulting business I  routinely charge clients $200/hr for these type answers!

In addition I have a whole dev team who loves nothing more to build solutions to make your life easier, and help me in my own business which is much like yours.

So what do you really want to know about web video?