What is Google Cash Detective?


Google for PPC Ads and landing pages. A research and espionage tool.

Also knows as:

More Detail:

Google Cash Detective (or GCD for short)  is a web based service (meaning you use a browser to use it, and are charged monthly), Google search does for finding relevant webpages, except for searching active Pay Per Click (aka PPC) adsense campaigns and Landing pages.

At the time of this writing it had 2.5 million keywords and many times that in ads in it it’s databases closely reflecting the common niches. It only works on the google search network, which is the market leader

Key Benefits:

  • Find and Clone Profitable Campaigns
  • Integrates tightly with Google Cash Automator


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Where it came from:

It’s relatively new, only a few years old, version 2.0 with less than t  a year of live customers on it.  It’s still in it’s early phases and continues to grow in features.

It was created by Chris Carpenter (of Google Cash Fame…not the Xfiles), It was inspired by Chris’s experience generating  20-30K a month affiliate businesses by hand.  Freeing him up to live a high “internet lifestyle”. living on the beach in mexico, surfing and spending time with family, heli-skiing, surfing. traveling, etc.

How GCD works:

It uses it’s 2.5 million+ keywords and searches google 2x a day, crawling every ad, the landing page and puts them in a massive database hosted on a cloud computer.  At this point you can search it several ways, and see in many cases months of data.

This data will only get more valuable as time goes buy.


There are many competitors. But I haven’t been able to compare any side by side yet.

Now lets see how we can actually use it to find profitable niches

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